iphone 8 rumours suggest apple’s next smartphone will ...

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-20
Apple seems sure to announce three iPhones later this year, with five said to be a premium model. 8-
Curved OLED display.
The advanced model, called the iPhone version, is also considered complete.
Apple is rumored to have a glass body.
However, it is possible that Apple will follow in the footsteps of Samsung Galaxy S8 to remove the physical home button from the phone for an advantageto-
The edge shows the news. com. au reports.
Last week, an Apple observer with a solid track record shared a schematic of the upcoming device, and he got accurate information about the tech giant\'s products.
It shows that the fingerprint scanner has moved to the back of the phone.
It is necessary to remove the home button.
While Android phones have had this feature for years, Apple users are angry at the retargeting fingerprint scanner.
If the schematic below is accurate, they may have a good reason to do so.
After the photo leaked last week, iPhone users quickly pointed out how impractical the positioning of the new fingerprint scanner is.
For most Android devices, the scanner is located at the back of the device, but at the top where the finger naturally sits.
Although the S8 is criticized for putting it next to the camera, it is at least in a comfortable position.
One Reddit user explained why the new location of the button could be a terrible move for Apple.
\"Try holding your iPhone now and reaching out your index finger, well below the Apple logo.
\"If this is true, it\'s a catastrophic placement of the Touch ID, even worse than the S8 in my opinion,\" they wrote . \".
Other users of Reddit saw a negative impact in the ranking, but remained optimistic.
\"I believe that if Apple uses non-
The best solution to touch the back is that they will put it in a more ergonomic position than under the Apple logo.
\"So I think if this rendering is legal then the hole is for something else,\" someone wrote . \".
\"It\'s not the end of the world, but the specific feature is downgrade in terms of that.
However, tradeThis is worth it.
Screens of the same size are much larger, \"added another.
One common theme of this thread is that users question why Apple is not making its logo twice as much as a fingerprint scanner.
\"The Apple logo should be Touch ID.
\"It looks bad,\" one user wrote . \".
\"This logo is almost the best place to use with one hand.
It would be very embarrassing if it was in the middle of the screen, \"added another.
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