iphone 11/xi: release date, uk price, rumours and all you need to know about apple\'s new 2019 phone

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Apple fans are counting down until its new iPhone will be released on September 10, when three phones will be released and a series of upgrades will be seen.
The new smartphone is expected to be the iPhone 11 with three new models.
According to the latest rumors, this may see the first iPhone 11Pro (or XI Pro)
A larger Max model and a cheaper model can be simply called the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 11 R.
While there is a lot of speculation about naming, we know that the new iPhone will be equipped with a brand new three-lens camera, a \"tactile touch\" feature and several new colors.
A year after Apple released the iPhone XS, the iPhone X model has been completely redesigned for two years.
However, fans waiting for the 5G iPhone may be disappointed.
According to the latest report, Apple has been in a state of stagnation before releasing three 5g phones in 2020.
Amid a slowdown in the global economy, sales of Apple\'s new smartphones have stalled.
At the Cupertino event in California, the company can also showcase iOS 13 and its planned paid software
TV streaming app.
It is also reported that other products including the new iPad Pro, the larger-screen iPad, the new Apple Watch model and the new MacBook Pro will be available in the coming months.
Here\'s what we currently know about Apple\'s upcoming smartphone.
Apple has invited the media to participate in the event at ten o\'clock A. M. Pacific time on Tuesday, September 10 (6pm BST)
At the Steve Jobs Theatre, it held its last two iPhone launches at Silicon Valley headquarters.
The title of the invitation letter is \"innovation only\" with an Apple logo that goes back to the company\'s old multi-color logo.
Invitations to the IPhone often send mysterious messages.
In this case, the color is most likely the style option for the new lineup.
As for its launch, the iphone will usually be available on Friday after the launch, which means they will be available on Friday, September 20.
What will the IPhone 11 look like?
Five new iPhones are expected. 8-
Inch display like the iPhone XS, but smaller on the side, which means the screen should take up more of the front of the phone.
The phone will have an OLED screen that will provide a deeper black color in premium iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max models.
Using the LCD screen design is still a cheaper model.
The new model may also be thinner and lighter.
It is believed that Apple plans to release the iPhone 11 with iPhone 11 Max and iPhone XR 2 (
Some places are called 11r)
The latter is a cheap model.
This will be Apple\'s third-year event in September to launch the triple title of the smartphone.
As usual, the naming of the new phone has caused a lot of speculation.
After Apple chose to follow the convention of iPhone X (or ten)
Then there is the iPhone Xs, and observers expect some changes to the iPhone 11 of the new phone (or XI)in the name.
However, several reports, including online closers and Bloomberg, suggest that Apple may add Pro variants for the first time, adding the brand of the MacBook series and iPads to attract a large number of iPhone users.
If that\'s the case, we might line up for iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 11 R.
Apple\'s sales seem to have been falling lately, so raising prices is a risk if they want to stay competitive.
The price of the IPhone 11 is still unclear, but it may cost about 999 in the UK, similar to the price of the iPhone XS.
Although competitors have introduced 5g technology and download 10 to 100 times faster than 4g, Apple\'s latest iphone seems to stick to the fourth generation (4G)modems.
As users download and transfer more movies and games, the new 5g Web technology is expected to become more and more important.
Apple plans to use Intel\'s 5g chip, but Intel didn\'t launch it immediately, so the iPhone wasn\'t available --
Manufacturers lag behind their competitors.
Earlier this year, Apple resolved a legal dispute with Qualcomm, which has been a major supplier of 5g modem chips for smartphone makers, allowing these companies to work together again.
Analysts expect that Apple will now use Qualcomm modems in 5g phones, but by 2020.
According to a report from TF International Securities, Apple will release three iPhones in 2020, all of which are expected to adopt 5g chip technology.
The IPhone 11 camera design is expected to be different from previous models.
Introduction to the square-
To enrich the quality of photos and videos, we will use three rear cameras.
As early as 2016, Apple introduced dual-camera technology for the first time on its iphone, but since then, competitors have stepped up their efforts to add up to five rear cameras to smartphones.
There are additional lenses on the smartphone camera that can help get the extra features and colors in the picture and provide additional zoom options and 3D imaging.
The IPhone XI Max model is expected to have three different cameras in the center or upper left corner of the rear of the phone.
The IPhone XI can also have three cameras, but a cheaper model may come with a dual camera.
International Securities analysis-
Chi kuoreport said that one of the lenses may be almost invisible, and the quality of the selfie camera will be improved from 7MP to 12MP.
Apple is also considering a laser device.
According to Bloomberg, the 3D camera on the iPhone will greatly increase its augmented reality capabilities in the future, but this feature is expected to be on Apple\'s 2020 iPhone.
According to The Daily Telegraph for the first time, Apple is believed to have abandoned the project of using quantum dot technology to make advanced image sensors in iPhone cameras.
This will improve the quality of the photos and the augmented reality capability of the equipment.
IPhone 11 will have battery 20-
25 PCs are reported to be larger than the iPhone XS, but do not make the phone thicker.
The IPhone battery can even share its power with other devices and form a double
A wireless charging system that wirelessly charges individual devices such as an Apple Watch or Airpods.
This feature has never appeared in any Apple product, but is similar to the wireless PowerShare feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10.
It is reported that the iPhone 11 will be equipped with a new charging cable, charging faster.
The new iPhone will change its previously known 3D Touch, a feature that allows iPhone users to press harder on the smartphone screen to unlock additional features and menus from the app.
This is largely replaced by the tactile touch feature, which uses a longer Press to unlock additional features.
According to a report from 9to5Mac, the new version is called \"Taptic Touch\", although there are few details on how this new technology will work.
The iPhone 11 is expected to launch space phones in gray, gold, silver and blue.
It has been suggested that the iPhone XR 2 will have new lavender and green tones as well as black, white, yellow and potential red, according to the Japanese Apple website Mac Otakara.
The two new colors will replace the current coral and blue models of the iPhone XR, designed to attract customers to upgrade their phones.
According to Bloomberg, the new phone will also be treated with matte surfaces, making it easier for users to use.
Mobile phones will also add new anti-crushing technology.
Apple has been working with chip maker TSMC to develop a new chip design, which Bloomberg suggested could be called A13, Apple\'s latest product in the country.
Add processors with extra processing power to the iphone.
In recent years, Apple has largely reversed the trend of USB charging, insisting on the Lightning port of smart phone charging.
However, on Apple\'s recently launched iPad model, the USB-
C, the latest charging technology that allows data and power transmission, is now common on Android phones.
Not everyone believes but some Apple fans on social media point out that when you plug your iPhone into your MacBook, its latest iOS 13 beta software now shows a new design for its charging cable
May this indicate that its charging technology is about to change?
Apple is expected to maintain a unique \"gap\" at the top of its smartphone, which has front-facing cameras and technology with its FaceID scanning feature.
However, analysts at Credit Suisse say they expect the 2020 iPhone to have a more aggressive market.
End the redesign and remove the gap and several other key features.
According to Taiwan\'s Economic Daily, Apple may release an Apple Pencil stylus for the new model.
Apple launched the stylus for the iPad series for the first time in 2015, allowing users to draw or take notes on the screen and quickly become a popular tool for the tablet series.
But there are rumors, or at least the hopes of Apple enthusiasts, that one day it may appear on the iPhone, while flagship phones such as Samsung\'s Galaxy Note series have added stylus support.
While many are not convinced of the rumor, some analysts believe it, including a recent research report by Citi, which says it expects the first two iPhone models to support Apple pencils.
According to the patent, Apple has been considering the use
Screen fingerprint scanning technology that can identify fingerprints at any location on the screen.
Smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei and OnePlus have also used similar technologies, and they have all deployedScreen scanner
However, since face recognition seems more advanced and efficient, it seems unlikely that the system will be used.
In addition to all hardware upgrades, the launch of Apple\'s iPhone may also bring a lot of news about Apple TV, the upcoming TV streaming service.
The new service will run in the current TV app, but includes a paid subscription model, which is expected to cost about $9. 99 or £9. 99 per month.
Some of the shows on Apple TV include the TV series The Morning Show, which will be starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell.
According to Bloomberg, the company has ordered two seasons for $300.
The streaming service is expected to be launched shortly after the iPhone launch, reporting that the launch date will be around November.
According to Bloomberg\'s latest report, in addition to the new iPhone 11, Apple plans to launch several other hardware in the coming weeks and months.
It includes a new iPad Pro and a newer cheaper iPad, and will also include a larger 10. 2-
Inch screen, new version of Apple Watch with new shell.
It is reported that the new software update for the Apple Watch may eventually add sleep tracking to the device.
Apple could also launch a cheaper HomePod smart speaker.
Perhaps the most anticipated will be a new MacBook Pro laptop, the first in several years.
It will have a bigger 16-
Inch screen, making it the biggest MacBook since 17-
Inch models were discontinued in 2012.
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