global organic light emitting diode (oled) market to witness a cagr of 12.05% during 2018-2024

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Global Organic LEDs (OLED)
The market witnessed a compound growth rate of 12. 05%during 2018-
New York, February. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)--
The global market for organic LEDs is expected to reach $39.
85 billion to 2024.
The compound growth rate of the market may be 12.
05% during the Forecast period.
Factors for market growth include:
More and more demand for energy-saving lighting products, more and more electronic equipment and gadgets are used, and OLED is more and more used in many terminals. use industries.
In addition, the demand for thinner smartphones and smart watches of various designs is increasing, which further promotes the growth of the market.
Organic LEDs or OLED is a light-emitting technology that glows slightly when current passes through them.
They are constructed by placing thin organic films between two conductors.
It usually consists of six layers, including a emitting layer.
Unlike LCD, it contains organic molecules that illuminate bright colors with lower power consumption.
OLED is gaining momentum in the market due to its light weight, energy saving, brighter and thinner display modules.
In addition, it provides faster response times and bright colors to enhance the viewing experience of the terminalusers.
In addition, the implementation of OLED technology aids makes it possible to create lighting displays and flexible displays.
The increasing demand for OLED in various applications has promoted the market growth of organic LEDs (OLED)
Compared with traditional LEDs, the display has many advantages.
It is widely used in many terminals.
With the ability to generate greater brightness, flexibility, and better color performance, use the industry.
Oled is used to make digital displays on devices such as computer monitors and TV screens, as well as portable systems such as smartphones and handheld consoles.
The operation is simple and convenient, making OLED more popular in the electronic vertical field.
The investment in OLED is very rapid, as OLED displays provide the best image quality and support future scrollable and foldable displays.
Its ultra-thin, spontaneous light and luminous properties make OLED suitable for flexible applications.
In addition, they are also used for many purposes in the automotive industry, including post-
Rear Window reminder
Mirrors and dashboards are displayed.
The main findings of the report: on the basis of technology, positive-
Matrix Organic LEDs (AMOLED)
Thanks to the growing popularity of smartphones, monitors and televisions, the segment took the largest market share in 2017.
In addition, the above part may reach the highest compound growth rate during the forecast period.
Based on the application, the smartphone and tablet market dominated in 2017 and is expected to remain dominant during the forecast period.
The growth in this area is attributed to the increasing demand for thinner display modules.
The foundation of the end-
Consumer electronics is expected to dominate the global OLED market and could be the fastest growing segment in 2018 --2024.
This growth is mainly due to its wide application in consumer electronics such as displays, TV displays, tablets, laptops, smart watches, smartphones, etc.
Organic LEDs worldwide (OLED)
The market includes general purpose displays;
LG Electronics; SAMSUNG SDI Co. , Ltd. ;
Youda Guangdian Co. , Ltd. ;
Samsung Electronics, Ltd. ; OLEDWorks;
Brand; LG Display Co. , Ltd. ; Novaled GmbH; OSRAM GmbH;
And DLC display company
, Limited, among other things.
Organic LEDs worldwide (OLED)
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Organic LEDs (OLED)Market -
Asia-locationPacific (APAC)
Due to the presence of key players in the region, the increase in capital investment, the adoption of advanced technologies and the rapid growth of the economy, is occupied the largest market share in 2017.
The region is expected to grow at a significant compound growth rate during the forecast period.
In addition, the surge in demand for mobile phones has further driven the region\'s demand for OLED.
The report segment the global organic LEDs market on the basis of technology, application and terminalUse and area.
OBy technology photoelectric matrix OLED (PMOLED)
OBy app commercial lighting for omart mobile phone and tablet oTelevision, laptop and PC monitor oCameras oresid and other oBy terminals
Use consumer electronics, healthcare, automotive, defense products.
Canada Mexico Europe Britain Germany France Spain other parts of EuropePacific (APAC)
China, Japan, India, South Korea, other parts of Asia-
The largest Pacific region in the worldRoW)
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