exclusive: japan display to supply oled screens for apple watch - sources

by:LCD Mall     2020-06-23
Lucky man from Yamaki and Yoshino (Reuters)-
Japanese display company will start supplying organic lightLEDs (OLED)
Two sources said the screen of the Apple Watch was a cash breakthrough later this year.
The troubled company has recently turned to OLED, resulting in lower order costs for Apple.
Two people familiar with the matter said the supply agreement would mark the entry of Japanese monitors into the OLED display market, but declined to be identified because they did not have the right to speak to the media.
A spokesman for the Japan exhibition said he could not comment on specific customers.
The mainstay LCD display of Japanese monitors (LCD)
Due to Apple\'s recent shift from LCD and disappointing sales of iPhone XR, the only LCD model in Apple\'s 2018 series --up.
The OLED display market is dominated by Samsung Electronics and LG Display, and the Chinese market is catching up soon.
OLED displays are typically thinner than LCD screens, allowing greater flexibility.
Samsung displays are currently the exclusive supplier of iphone OLED panels, while LG displays provide most of the panels for Apple watches.
Hayshi Hayase, senior director at IHS Markit, said it was a positive step for Japanese monitors, but added that the company would face a difficult path.
\"To win orders for the iphone, there will be a lot of obstacles,\" Hayase said . \".
\"For more than ten years, Samsung displays have accumulated a wealth of experience, technology and production capacity.
Can Japanese monitors really compete with such competitors to make ends meet?
\"The share price of Japanese monitors has risen by 7.
Trade in Tokyo reached 6% on Wednesday, Reuters reported.
Inventory completed 6.
84 yen 3%
More than half of the revenue from the new plantdisplay Display comes from Apple, which owns a small OLED pilot production line at a smartphone screen factory in eastern Japan.
It is seeking investment from a group including China\'s Silk Road investment capital (CSIS)
Sources told Reuters.
The company said its new financing target was $0. 99 billion.
According to the Nikkei business daily reported on Wednesday, the company\'s board of directors will vote on the investment plan early next week.
Japanese monitors and the group plan to build an OLED panel factory in China using Japanese display technology to produce smartphone panels, which requires a larger production line that usually costs 200 billion yen ($1. 8 billion)
Sources told Reuters, or more.
Japanese display technology uses slightly different manufacturing methods and equipment from Samsung to avoid infringing patents held by industry leaders.
According to IHS Markit, global smartphone display shipments grew 42% to 0. 149 billion units in 2018, thanks to better sync capabilities for smartphones. (
Reports from Yamaki Maizi and Yoshida;
Supplementary Report of Ju
Yang Park and Heekyong Yang in SEOUL;
Editor David Dolan and Christopher kuhin)
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