everything we know about apple’s soon-to-launch 10th-anniversary iphone

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-15
Apple is preparing to release a new iphone next week, but the highest expectation for the 10th is --
The anniversary edition of the iconic smartphone.
For that phone-
This is considered an almost allscreen front —
Apple is expected to change the type of screen the iPhone uses.
Here\'s a quick look at regular iPhone users.
What is the difference between this screen and the screen already on the iPhone?
Now, Apple has an LCD (LCD)
Screen on IPhone.
It is said to be switching to an OLED (organic light-emitting diode)
The screen is called AMOLED. (
AM represents \"active-
If you\'re interested. )
The biggest difference between the LCD screen and the AMOLED screen is the presence of backlight.
At present, the LCD screen on Apple\'s mobile phone has a backlight, which always shines behind the screen.
No AMOLED screen.
Instead, the pixel lights up when the current passes through the pixel.
What does this mean in a practical sense?
There may be two things: the image may be more vivid and the battery life may be better.
The AMOLED screen can be thinner and naturally provide a more vivid color rather than a more realistic color (
Sometimes it looks very vague)
Than the hue on the LCD screen.
These screens can also increase battery life, or at least more energy.
Efficient without backlight.
When you see dark colors, especially when the AMOLED screen can cut off the power of any pixel that should be black.
However, it\'s hard to say how much better your battery life will be on a novice machine.
Because an edgeto-
The Edge screen means more screen real estate, and Apple may be able to take advantage of the energy-saving features of the OLED screen to provide a larger screen with the same battery life.
Or it can improve performance elsewhere in the phone.
Apple declined to comment.
Is Apple the first to use this screen? Nope.
In fact, competitors like Samsung and LG
Both companies produce screens.
They have installed some sort of OLED on their smartphones.
So, if you want to see what\'s different, you can look at a phone like the Galaxy S8 or the new LG V30, which has a plastic variant of its own OLED screen called POLED. (
Yes, \"p\" is plastic. )
How will this affect my relationship with the iPhone?
First of all, if you want a top, it may leave a mark in your wallettier phone.
Apple\'s current screen production costs are lower, which helps explain why analysts expect the price of the most expensive iPhone to rise sharply.
Now there are some differences between LCD and AMOLED screens on the market.
The color of the LCD screen is often softer, but their service life is often more realistic.
Due to the backlight, they are also easier to see in direct sunlight and brighter than the AMOLED screen.
But with a clearer screen, those social media posts and streaming videos that we all read on our phones will look better, and emerging technologies like augmented reality will be better --
Another emerging interest for Apple.
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