controlling a character lcd with an arduino

by:LCD Mall     2020-06-28
Today I\'m going to introduce CharacterLCDs and show how to connect them to Arduino.
It\'s all very simple to interface with only 6 pins!
Note: The image is not mine and the following components are required from executing this project: 1x \'\'arduino (
Either can)
\"1x\" \"hd44780 character LCD\" \"large number of non-
Stranded line \'10 k potientimeterlcds is something that is very useful.
They can be used for a project that needs to show some small things to large machinery.
After all, they are always used for the same purpose.
I will use HD44780 character LCD with 16x2 display. (
2 lines, 16 characters per line)
They are available in various sizes from 8x2 to 40x4.
They have 8x5 fonts and can use up to 8 custom characters.
These LCD have 16 pins but only 11 for communication.
We will use 6 of them in 4-bit mode.
Depending on how many pins you have, these LCD can run in 4 or 8 bit mode.
4-bit mode is useful for saving pins, but for the fast refresh rate, it is useful to have a refresh rate of only 74 ms8 bit mode (5ms)
, Used to display a custom character animation.
The picture shows some custom characters.
Note: The image is not mine, from the LCD according to this image: first, open the file I added in this step.
Second, copy and paste the file into the Arduino IDE.
Finally, click on the UPLOADTOI/O board button or press CTRL Uif and everything goes as planned and it should now say \"Hello World! \".
Note: To do this you need Arduino-0017.
Open and upload the next program.
It will now say: Hello worlduint8_t custom _ hex1 [8]= {
0x00, 0 x 0a, 0x00, 0x11, 0x00, 0x00};
Note: in the program, it has a comma at the beginning, so just highlight the text after the first comma and press ctrl c to copy.
Then click on the upload toi/O board (Or CTRL+U)
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