chinese suppliers directed flat-panel telly marketplace on the improvement phase before program

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-10
As early as 2007, if Samsung\'s TV release so far 1st commercial 70 years.
LCD TV, LED backlight, people today can\'t help, but the question is: While it\'s possible to enter specific attributes with the TV along with the average person?
In the next 24 months, once the led TV overpowered the equipment supplier, the individual will not feel this way: bring the TV before the final pace, and how slow is the speed?
The prediction of \"5 Years\" was eventually destroyed in 07, bringing the delivery of millions of TV sets, while the stupid bandz of ordinary LCD TVs reached 77 thousand.
The market expects that led TV, at least in the next few years, will be difficult to cause a sensation in the real home LCD TV information factory.
Within a few years, guided TV, which is increasingly beneficial to consumers in the domestic market, completely broke the original \"five-year\" prophecy.
At the China Electric Power holding chamber of commerce related to trade, a compartment related to the electronic market research exploration document shows that last year, consumers considered the number of up to 75% TVs planned over the years, the number of customers actually acquired brought the TV to 34% units.
\"Industry demand will be the most positive factor in encouraging the development of LED televisions. In .
Sony TV, suitable for individuals in charge, announced the overall progress of the Samsung market this year, showing revenue from the three combinations of led TV brands
The new sector accounts for more than 80% per day.
Samsung brings TV products and solutions, and the amount associated with its total color TV revenue may be completely at an initial surge of 5% to 30%, \"led TV shipments have increased significantly, this shows the growth and development of led TV every day in addition to creativity.
\"Next month the year will come up with a new\" blow \"online Displaybank beware about 2010 and after international product sales and encouragement TV will definitely get more than 17,000 products is the 2012 delivery this season should be achieved twenty
In addition to 6000 units, there are also units.
\"2009 is just a prelude to an additional 3 years, and we will see a complete\" outbreak \"of guided color TV sets in the field of television systems \".
Television director in Gurus state throughout 2010 in the Far East
The spread gain access will be more clearly reflected, and it is expected that a complete LCD TV shipment of 30 @ % may be obtained by being able to complete the stupid bandz.
In this context, many home manufacturers have top-level TV equipment suggestions that are slow but certainly improved.
It is understood that Kangjia recently built a full-module place in the countries around Kunshan, Jiangsu province. Factories generally have the possibility to implement the development of directional backlight components.
In addition, last year, Hisense team LCD module Creation Series 2 was dedicated to creation before entering the field of encouraging TV.
GE, Sharp, Panasonic and other well-known institutions will also be actively involved in the new led TV set.
Even so, regarding feedback, or operations related to almost all of Samsung\'s desired operations.
In fact, as early as 2005, it was considered such a straight talk, starting 3rd years of research and development, causing television to be stuck on tape for up to 90 days. Ohydrates.
Pounds invested in Tianjin to guide restricted registration.
The actual overall performance associated with the department commander often decides to inspect individuals, which may be the decision rate of the manufacturer at home and in another country, as well as the promotion of the industry as a whole
Speed promotion period.
It often ends last year, so you can go and check out the big boy IHG, the director of TV, due to mutual promotion with domestic and foreign companies, not color TV, encouraging TV will certainly achieve full-year development immediately.
In the next few years, computer-facing directional TVs have brought more expectations to TV makers and consumers.
At present, whether it is market trends, producer trends, or the preparation of the shopper\'s mentality, all the clues indicate that the computer led TV may usher in a detailed \"blowout\", maybe next week
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