apple switch to all oled iphone lineup seen unlikely by 2019

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-14
Analysts plan to use next-
Next Generation, OLED screens for all new iPhone models next year.
This article of Korea\'s Electronic Times, if true, will be negative for major manufacturers such as Japanese display companies and sharp, which produce LCD monitors for many mobile phones, but for manufacturers of OLED technology like general display, this is a good thing.
Japanese stocks fell 8% in May 29, while Sharp\'s shares fell 3%.
GM monitor shares rose 4%.
Delegates to Apple, JDI and Sharp declined to comment.
Currently, there are two main types of screens in the smartphone market: LCD or LCD, organic LEDs panel or OLED.
The IPhone 8 and older models use an LCD screen, while the iPhone X uses an OLED screen.
The production cost of the LCD screen is lower, while the color reproduction of the OLED screen is more accurate, but it is difficult to make.
Apple turns to all-for a couple of reasons
OLED phones are unlikely.
Jay Kwon, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase, said it was too early for Apple to make such a decision and that OLED screens would make these devices more expensive, beat the purpose of the cheaper LCD model that will be launched later this year.
Use only organic light
Given Apple\'s sales of 0. 216 billion units in 2017, the iphone\'s LED screen will also face challenges.
Part of Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display is the only supplier of high-end OLED screens
Apple\'s phones, but manufacturers also use them for their smartphones, limiting supply.
Other OLED screen makers such as LG Display Co have yet to demonstrate the ability to produce Samsung at birthLike ability.
While Apple has embraced OLED, most analysts say they don\'t think the shift will take place in 2019.
Jeff Pu, an analyst in Taipei, said: \"Apple is unlikely to release three OLED models next year --
Investment Consulting of Yuanda Securities.
He said LG Display, another major OLED supplier, had a hard time getting into mass production and was unlikely to increase Apple\'s OLED production to 5 million in 2019 from 10 million this year.
Still, LG Display\'s share price rose by 5.
2% the Electronic Times reported on May 29.
Samsung fell 1. 9%.
A Samsung monitor representative declined to comment.
Analysts at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. are also skeptical, citing recent financial guidance from companies including Japanese monitors, suggesting continued use of LCD technology.
Analysts taki Takayama and Dai wrote in the note: \"We don\'t think all 2019 iPhones are likely to switch to OLED screens, and we think the stock price is overreacting . \".
One of the three new iPhones last year was OLED screens.
According to Bloomberg News, Apple is expected to use OLED in three new models later this year.
According to the electronic Times report, the third OLED model will be launched next year, but the specific use is not clear.
\"Ultimately, as far as I know, Apple\'s plan is to use full OLED on the iphone, but whether this will happen at this point is a question mark,\" said Jerry Kang ,\". Senior chief analyst at IHS Markit, based in Bandang, South Korea.
\"Apple failed to expand production of the iPhone X due to market demand and price issues.
In fact, the cost of OLED technology has always been a major problem.
IPhone X with OLED screen starts at $999 (RM3,991).
Next year, all OLED screens will struggle to afford the iphone to consumers in the mass market. Organic light-
LED screens are considered the future of smartphones as they are clearer and less power-consuming than liquid screens
Crystal predecessors
They spend more, and there may be problems.
Users of Google Pixel smartphones complain about inaccurate color reproduction and burning
In, the image still exists after the screen is off.
Apple warned on its website that,
The \"feature\" of the OLED panel is a slight change in color.
Taipei analyst Liao Chengdong-
Fubon Securities, headquartered in Fubon Securities, wrote in a statement that he had not heard of Apple\'s move from the Taiwan supply chain to all OLED models next year.
According to people familiar with the matter, Apple is also developing its own display technology.
The screen is called a MicroLED and uses different light
Emit compounds than current OLED displays and promise to make future electronics thinner, brighter, and less power --hungry. —
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