apple suppliers: stocks worth watching

by:LCD Mall     2020-06-26
There are actually hundreds of apples (AAPL)suppliers.
The top 200 of these companies help Mac manufacturers get more than 97% of their needs, including manufacturing, assembly and materials.
Most of Apple\'s suppliers are in Asia, which makes sense given the concentration of companies that contribute there to the consumer electronics supply chain.
Over the past decade, Apple\'s rapid rise has brought a thriving business to many suppliers.
Riding on the tail of Apple has become a legitimate investment strategy.
But how do investors screen hundreds of companies to find out which stocks are worth watching?
The three companies are a good start. 1.
Considering the importance of the iPhone to Apple\'s success, Qualcomm, the smartphone king (QCOM)
Obviously a candidate.
Qualcomm not only earns royalties from every smartphone it sells, but it also has a very successful chip business that makes components for a variety of smartphones.
Qualcomm\'s Snapdragon application processor has taken over the processor market, although Apple uses its own-
Apple has not yet integrated the cellular baseband into its-
The chip still relies on Qualcomm to provide the necessary modem.
Qualcomm has maintained a leading position in baseband technology, so Apple has no choice but to buy these components from Qualcomm immediately for the best available modem.
This is not to say that Qualcomm will always be safe.
There is evidence that Apple is building its own cellular base station, which should have been established long ago, as most markets moved to integrated solutions long ago.
But for now, Qualcomm is in a relaxed position on every iPhone, with more than 10% of the combined revenue coming from Mac manufacturers. 2.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing for many years, arch-
Samsung is Apple\'s exclusive chip manufacturing partner.
Despite fierce competition in the smartphone market, the South Korean conglomerate is still a big customer of its foundry business.
The last thing Apple wants is to enrich a major competitor and indirectly help fund the development of its competitor\'s smartphone, but give up a partner who makes such a key component (Apple\'s A-chips)isn\'t easy.
Apple finally put Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM)
Last year, it started with A8, which powered the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
Finally, Taiwan Semiconductor officially entered the list of Apple suppliers.
Still, Samsung is reportedly producing 40% of Apple A8 sales.
It is also possible for Samsung to produce the next A9 chip as it is adding 14-
The first is the nano-manufacturing process, even if the initial yield is not very good.
In the long run, Apple may continue to move as much business as possible to Taiwan Semiconductor, for many strategic reasons, even if there are bumps along the way.
Contract chip manufacturers are definitely one that deserves attention. 3.
This is a new company, and many industry watchers are waiting anxiously for it to arrive.
OLED displays have many advantages over traditional LCD displays, so it seems that Apple\'s adoption of this technology is always a matter of time.
Apple Watch is the first Apple product to feature an OLED display.
The new wearable device uses a flexible AMOLED display made by LG display (LPL).
According to Display search, due to the victory of this design, LG display accounted for 91% of the revenue share of the smart watch Display market in the first quarter.
Samsung is expected to provide OLED display in the second month
Generate the model.
LG Display and Samsung happen to be the two largest customers of general purpose displays (OLED).
For years, LG and Samsung have been the biggest backers of OLED displays, incorporating the technology into their smartphones.
The Universal Display provides the intellectual property and materials needed to make the display, placing it at the center of the transition to oled.
Now that Apple has joined the OLED trend, with the continuous improvement of technology, it will continue to be more likely to use OLED displays in more and more products.
If this argument is confirmed, Apple will buy OLED displays from LG Display and Samsung for years to come, and universal displays will also be used behind the scenes.
CFA\'s Evan Niu owns shares in Apple and Qualcomm.
The Fool\'s suggestion is Apple\'s Universal Display.
Motley Fool owns shares in Apple, Qualcomm and general purpose displays.
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