apple said to get 3-5 million oled iphone panels from lg display: report

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-18
Apple is expected to launch three iPhones this year and develop a positive pricing strategy to attract more customers.
Leak point for budget 6. 1-
Inch device with LCD display and no 3D Touch.
Another variant is expected to be the iPhone X follow-up with an OLED display, and the most upscale one will be the iPhone X Plus variant with 6. 5-
Inch OLED display.
Apple\'s OLED demand is on the rise this year, and the company is looking for ways not just to rely on Samsung to produce displays.
Now, a new report says Apple has placed large orders for production of OLED displays with LG.
According to South Korea\'s Korea Times, Apple is trying to win a second supplier this time and hopes to get 3 to 5 million OLED displays from LG.
The source, a senior executive of LG\'s subcontractor, said Apple will get about 3 to 5 million units from LG this time, and LG has wanted to increase production over the years.
This confirmed last month\'s report on Apple\'s efforts to make LG the second supplier of OLED panels, but the report indicates that LG will only provide 2 to 4 million units.
\"Apple wants to expand its partnership with LG from LCD to oled.
The key issue, however, is that LG has less oled capacity for portable gadgets than Samsung displays.
\"The quality of the LG V30 display is not as good as the OLED display in the Samsung Galaxy series,\" the executive said . \".
With less reliance on Samsung, Apple hopes to get a lucrative price tag for its OLED panel and lower the overall price of the iPhone model this year.
Both Apple and LG are expected to benefit a lot from the deal.
Apple will be able to set a lower price for its iPhone 2018 model, as it has been hit by the overall sales of the iPhone X, mainly because of its high price.
LG will be able to get a pie after the iPhone 2018 variant is expected to ship millions of units.
The Cupertino giant is reportedly expected to ship 45 million ships. 4-
IPhone X Plus device 30 million
IPhone inch LCD device and 25 million 5. 8-
IPhone X follow-up devices.
Apple has ordered 70 million OLED panels with Samsung displays, of which 45 million are in 6. 4-inch model.
Previous reports said LG Display will provide panels for one of the three iPhone variants released in 2018.
As early as February, Apple held talks with Beijing Oriental Technology Group on the potential cooperation of the iPhone OLED screen.
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