apple\'s mobile tech dominance: marketing hype or just good products?

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-24
There is no doubt that Apple has a ruthless marketing machine.
For years, however, consumers and technology journalists have been working to solve a simple problem;
Where is the route to separate marketing hype from real good products?
Not only does Apple sell well, but it\'s also very good overall.
The IPhone may not match the latest Android device functionally, but no one can doubt its original selling power.
Perhaps more importantly, Apple\'s reaction
The laptop, its MacBooks collection, has an advantage in almost all competitions.
It\'s not just marketing hype that sells Apple products.
The fact that they are usually better or easier to use has a huge appeal.
The IPhone may be Apple\'s biggest success story, moving from nothing to enviable smartphone market share in just a few years.
I had smartphones long before Apple showed up, and before that they were very bad.
Yes, you can access the Internet, use GPS and access your email, but the design and interface tend to be terrible.
This is even true for early Android --
I had been using the Windows mobile OS until the first iPhone was released, until 2003, and now it\'s just as tragic to recall.
The next step is the emergence of the iPhone and capacitive touch screen interface, as well as the completely missing focus on the design before that.
The smartphone suddenly becomes sexy and everyone wants one.
It was Apple that triggered the incident, not HTC, Samsung or any other smartphone manufacturer at the time.
Personally, the iPhone didn\'t convince me at first.
Its lack of 3g support is a problem, but before that I had such a bad experience on the touch screen that the idea of not having a button or stylus sounded like my worst nightmare.
It wasn\'t until two years after the first generation was released in 2007 that 3GS was launched and I jumped off the ship.
I\'m still using the iPhone today and anyone can guess how long it will take for Samsung, HTC and Google to reshape the smartphone experience if Apple doesn\'t decide to join the smartphone market.
Maybe they will do a good job, maybe we will still squinted with a stylus while staring at a dull smartphone.
MacBook is another good example.
This is a product that has an advantage in almost all reviews, even on the respectable review site --
Considered unbiased.
Tim Cook did a great job selling the new MacBook earlier this year, but the brand has become a leading player in the screen physical keyboard market.
In fact, even though I have Windows-
I\'m also thinking about converting to a MacBook based on my laptop, as Apple has been offering great products all the time.
It is true that laptops still have an advantage in the gaming sector; the dual GPU-
Using 4 kg monsters from companies like Asus and Alienware can replace desktop computers, and although the price is twice as high as the original, almost everything else can --
From battery life to ergonomics, Apple is hard to beat.
Dell\'s XPS models, especially the 2015 XPS 13, are nearing the end, but the battery life is not as good as Apple\'s products.
There are several reasons for this.
Especially the MacBook, which has a great keyboard.
As far as I know, all current models are also backlit.
This is not the case with laptops.
Backlight keyboards are available only on games or advanced models, and the quality of the keyboard varies greatly.
Its Retina Display, admittedly not available in every model, but also the focus of debate for those who think you only need 1080p on a 15in or smaller screen, does look great, for a long time, they left their laptop in the dust.
Even now, you have to spend a lot of money to get anything over 1080 p on your laptop screen.
MacBooks is also lighter than a laptop and has class-
Leading battery life.
I\'m really annoyed by these two features.
There is no reason why laptop manufacturers can\'t do this, but even though they have similar sports, they seem willing to offer something that is 3 kg and much bigger than MacBooks. sized screens.
In contrast, laptops under $700 have poor battery life and keyboards.
It\'s not just Apple\'s MacBook, which is dominated by successful cutting-edge design.
All the way back to one of its first successful portable products, iPod, Apple is again not the first person to use a large-capacity MP3 player.
The manufacturer of PC sound box and sound card is creative and already has a hard disk-
Based on MP3 players, unlike the early ipod, they are not locked on itunes, which is much simpler and less intuitive than today.
Creative also offers higher capacity players than Apple, but in addition to Creative\'s fiasco in marketing, Apple still seems to have come up with these products despite having superior products in many ways.
In the end, the iPod took the top spot thanks to its simple, compact design, as well as its growing iTunes library.
The company seems to be fascinated by design.
Its products are also often outdated, or at least lack some of the features that competitors already have.
However, perhaps a little more time in aesthetics is the key.
Even in the keynote, Jobs and Cook spend more time talking about design than other manufacturers, and every time they do, they usually have something new or different to talk about;
They\'re not just making up an old story like a faster processor or graphics card.
For example, the new MacBook makes good use of Intel\'s low-power Core m cpu by using a tiny board inside the chassis and filling in blank space with a battery.
The result is still a device that weighs less than 1 kg and is very thin, and it lasts no more than any other similar device on the market in terms of battery life.
I can\'t remember any laptop manufacturers bragging about how many batteries are in their products.
That makes me wonder why other portable tech companies are not challenging Apple, at least not convincing.
As far as smartphones are concerned, Samsung is its nearest competitor, but it still uses Apple\'s first iPhone to implement mainly capacitive touch screens and application designs.
That\'s why Apple still has a huge market share.
Laptop makers are perhaps the most guilty.
Leaving aside the debate between Windows and OSX, MacBooks is usually better at ergonomics and style.
Of course, you can get a faster laptop for less money, but that\'s correct --
All you need to do is look at the MacBooks reviews to know how sophisticated they are.
For me, the keyboard, touchpad and screen are as important as the original specs --
As MacBook sales show, this is something many laptop manufacturers seem to forget, even in the face of the fact that consumers are willing to pay extra for them.
Why do you think a competitor should beat Apple?
Have you changed your MacBook with your laptop and vice versa?
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