apple orders 3-4 million oled, 20 million lcd iphone displays from lg: report

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-31
It has recently been reported that Apple is looking for other suppliers of OLED display screens.
A new report reiterated that in order to reduce its reliance on Samsung, Apple this time got the opportunity to produce OLED panels for this year\'s iPhone model.
LG will produce 3 to 4 million OLED displays and about 20 million LCD displays for Apple this year.
It is reported that LG will make monitors for Apple\'s largest iPhone model and the cheapest model.
According to DigiTimes, Apple has reached an agreement with LG to produce 3 to 4 million OLED displays this year.
These displays are the 6 largest. 5-
This is consistent with previous reports.
A large number of OLED displays will still be produced by Samsung, the report added.
Last year, Samsung was the only supplier of OLED displays, and this year, Apple is actively looking for a second supplier in order to reduce its dependence on South Korean giants and reduce overall costs.
Samsung reportedly produced 70 million OLED panels for the company this year.
LG is looking to further increase production in 2019 to produce up to 10 million OLED displays, the report said.
LG is also making 20 million LCD monitors rumored. 1-
The inch budget is also different.
Another Apple company that produces LCD monitors is reported to be Japanese monitors.
Apple is expected to launch three iPhones this year --one 6. 1-
1 inch LCD display, 1 5. 8-
IPhone X successor, 6 1. 5-
Touted as the best quality inch iPhone X Plus variant.
Pricing for all these new iPhone models is expected to be quite aggressive.
The company is also trying to bring a rear three-in-one camera with AR capabilities to its 2019 models.
This year it hopes to increase battery life and launch dual batteries
SIM function.
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