a japan firm’s move from steel plates to fancy phone screens

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-14
It claims to be a steel manufacturer, but don\'t be misled by the name.
Japan Steel Industry Co. , Ltd. is no longer just old-
More than a century ago, the world Metal Company began its life.
Tokyo these days-
China-based companies are more of a technology game that provides machinery to manufacturers of all products from high-tech to high-tech.
From cell phone screen to lithium batteryion batteries.
In fact, sales in the steel and energy products business were less than a quarter.
Now, Apple has launched its first mobile phone with organic light --
The LEDs display is a clear, vibrant screen that uses less energy, which Japanese steel mills are counting on to benefit their bottom line.
While the iPhone X display vendor did not use the company\'s annealing machine, which applied a laser treatment to make a critical layer of OLED screens, the Japanese steel company said, apple\'s move will help expand the entire OLED industry.
\"If this happens, demand will swell,\" said Dong Yan, head of laser planning at Japan\'s steel plant.
Equipment business.
\"We will increase capacity as needed.
\"JSW is one of the Japanese companies that plays a key role in the OLED business, as a supplier, it is hidden from sight but has niche technology.
While Japanese companies are sometimes criticized for diversifying their core strengths, Japanese steel mills are an example of this approach.
Apple chief executive Tim Cook has ignored the technology of OLED displays, triggering billions of dollars in investment in the display industry, because it is believed that the new screen technology will develop with the addition of Apple.
Samsung Electronics has been using OLED screens for its phones for nearly a decade, but other smartphone makers rely heavily on LCD monitors.
While LCD monitors rely on backlight panels, OLED pixels can glow on their own, making the display thinner, longer battery life and higher contrast.
OLED screens can also be made on flexible plastics, which makes it better for various shapes and applications.
Ohtsu said that Chinese panel manufacturers have begun to actively develop OLED displays, and they have ordered laser annealing machines from many Japanese steel plants in an effort to win most of the $57 estimated by UBI Research Inc (RM238. 45bil)market by 2020.
JSW has produced up to 10 yen (RM369. 61mil)
In terms of the machine\'s annual sales, revenue from the business more than doubled as of the third year.
\"We are top players in what we do,\" Ohtsu said . \".
The steel maker says it has about 70% market share in lasers.
Because of its early involvement in the machine, it is equipped with annealing machines for LCD display manufacturing.
It sold machines to Samsung Display Co, the only OLED screen supplier for iPhone X and LG Display Co, before Korean companies started making their own.
Thanh Ha Pham in Tokyo says JSW will benefit as Apple\'s foray into OLED screens has prompted other handset makers to adopt the technology
Analysts at Jeffery Group Co. , Ltd. rated Japanese steel mills.
\"When this happens, it is clear that the Japanese steelworks will receive a lot of orders.
In 1995, the Japanese machinery manufacturer took the lead in launching a process called \"laser annealing\" in the world, which helped to speed up the market.
Cost Performance-efficient LCDs.
Demand for a small LCD initially targeting numbers
At the end of the 1990 s, the camera market began to take off with the massive growth of mobile phones.
With the emergence of smart phones, the transition needs of OLED will only grow.
But unlike companies such as Japanese display companies that are lagging behind in the transition to OLED, JSW is not affected because its laser machine can be easily used to make new screens.
JSW shares have doubled from a late May low, more than four times the earnings of the Topix machinery index.
While the company recently earned a large portion of its revenue of 2010 from steel and energy products and is considered a nuclear game, the company is now getting 3-
Mechanical sales quarter.
The company soared 18% in November 7 after posting better newsthan-
Expected profits and increased its fullyear forecast.
Inventory increase 1.
Tokyo hit 1% in early trading on Wednesday, while the benchmark index fell 1. 4%.
The Japanese steel company has caught the attention of some brokers, Tachibana Co. Began reporting on the 25th, with a rating exceeding expectations.
Also in September, SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. upgraded the stock to a better performing stock with lithium devices as an example
Ion battery separator, as well as OLED machinery.
SMBC Nikko Securities analyst, led by Taku Ouchi, wrote: \"In the case of increasing demand for lithium batteries, we believe that film and paper equipment are the most promising growth opportunities.
\"We look forward to it.
Long-term growth of laser annealing devices for OLED applications.
In the JSW display
According to Ohtsu, executives in the equipment industry are \"praying\" that the latest screen technology will be as popular as LCD.
They also want screen makers not to switch to different production methods that are not compatible with the company\'s machines.
For the success of the iPhone X, they may be more interested than most steel makers.
\"I want all of you to use OLED phones,\" said Masashi Takahashi, the company\'s laser machine business manager. —
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