15 future cell phones

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-11
The translucent touch screen device created by Windows phone Seunghan Song Shame the weather bureau.
Window phones can make accurate predictions about the weather and change the display to reflect the surrounding climate.
The phone does not have a key and it is possible to switch the phone to dial-up and hand-written mode as long as the screen is turned on.
But keep in mind that this phone is just a concept!
Designed by Mac Funamizu CobaltoThe transparent Cobalto mobile phone.
It has the ability to project holographic 3D images.
It is made of deformed metal and can use both standard digital buttons and touch screen functions.
This quirky concept of mobile phones will be available in a few years.
The mobile script concept phone was created by Aleksandr Mukomelov with two touch screens.
One of them is a flexible OLED display and the other is a traditional screen.
This revolutionary mobile phone is covered with photosensitive nano-materials, charging the device through the sun.
Magic Stone concept mobile phone \"magic stone\" is another innovative design of Aleksandr Mulomelov.
This new generation of phones features a touch screen, continuous Internet access, holographic projection display, and charging via solar energy.
The user can complete any shape, color, pattern and picture for the phone case.
Garipov\'s Kambala phone is a fascinating concept that can be converted into headphones.
Kambala\'s continuous flexi screen comes with a number of sensors that can transmit images from inside the phone to the outside.
It can also blend with your skin tone to make it almost invisible.
Nokia deformation uses nanotechnology to stretch, roll up and clean itself.
This flexible nano-tech device can be stretched and twisted into a bracelet shape or tablet form.
Morph is an inspiring art concept that shows the look of the phone in the future.
Visual Sound Gold\'s visual sound mobile phone is an innovative concept designed for hearing impaired people.
The visual sound converts the text input to a voice stimulus and the voice to text.
It runs multiple apps and is a big step for deaf mobile designers.
Braille phones are Samsung Braille phones designed by Seonkeun Park and are Samsung\'s concept for the blind.
The Braille phone is designed smoothly and the keyboard is specially designed for the blind, using a Braille printing system. EAP (
Electric active plastic)
Used to create Braille numbers, text, and Braille numbers on your phone.
The Nokia 888 is an ergonomic communication device that can change the shape according to user requirements.
Easy to use, light and carefree.
The Nokia 888 features a liquid battery, a flexible touch screen, voice recognition, and touch-sensitive body case.
It can roll, bend and carry in the pocket like a clip.
Maple Phone-wooden phone concept Maple Phone is a compact slide cover phone made of solid wood.
It functions the same as a regular phone.
Maple Phone provides basic mobile Phone functions such as SMS, call, digital camera and MP3 player.
This unique touch-sensitive phone is designed by Hyun Jin and Eun Hak Lee.
Strange mobile phone concept is the candidate for the most strange mobile phone around.
Coca-Cola mobile phone designer Zheng Dazi designed the Coca-Cola mobile phone for Nokia.
This unusual concept phone runs on CocaCola.
The idea of replacing a normal battery with a bio-battery is to make the phone eco-friendly.
This strange concept brings a whole new concept to batteries and drinks.
In addition to the screen and keyboard, the natural year phone is made of hay.
The phone is Je Hyun Kim\'s brain child, and the idea behind his creation is to use eco-friendly biodegradable materials.
Two years later, the strange grass phone was completely biodegradable.
This baton-style phone is designed by Mac Schomann with no name.
Whenever a call is made, it provides physical feedback using tactile technology.
To make a phone call, you have to twist the dial of each element, and the process is very time consuming.
This phone is very complicated and very difficult to operate.
While this is an interesting concept, it cannot be used in an emergency.
Swipe the phone calls needed for the sudocomo puzzle PuzzleThe phone to solve this puzzle, using the keyboard every time.
After three minutes of solving the puzzle, the phone will automatically re-shuffle.
The phone is definitely a candidate for the most bizarre and pointless phone ever.
The handheld phone is a concept design that is expected to be maintained.
The phone requires users to tie several wires to the back of their hands and make phone calls using natural gestures.
Take a look at the picture of the phone.
The concept of mobile phones is not always revolutionary, and it is rich in functions.
Sometimes they are the opposite.
Designers may be misunderstood when asked to design future phones.
But great designers have come up with innovative ideas.
If you think you \'ve seen the most futuristic and weird phone, think about it.
With imagination, we can\'t predict what will happen next!
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