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by:LCD Mall     2020-08-16
Apple\'s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the best-
Whether sales reach analyst speculation or not, there is a huge profit in selling smartphones worldwide.
Apple\'s manufacturing partners are not even close to producing enough iPhone 7 Plus to meet demand, while the smaller iPhone 7 is also considered to be selling fast.
When you consider Apple\'s repeated use of the same hardware design for the third consecutive year in 2016, strong iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sales are even more impressive ---
People still want to upgrade to these powerful new iPhones, although they look almost the same as the one released in 2014.
Now, imagine what the demand would look like if Apple released the newly designed iPhone 8 with a new curved OLED display.
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The Wall Street Journal published a lengthy report on Monday morning suggesting that Apple might launch a new iPhone with a curved OLED display in 2017.
Unfortunately, despite the length of the report, there are not many clear details.
Some of the statements stand out.
First, the Wall Street Journal said that Apple is currently testing more than 10 different prototypes for next year\'s new iPhone 8, and it has not yet decided which new design the final version of the phone will adopt.
According to the source of the paper, at least one of the 10 prototypes tested has a curved OLED display, but it is not clear whether this is the iPhone 8 version to be launched next year.
Presumably, Apple has asked its suppliers to increase OLED production and asked the prototype of the OLED screen to be \"better than Samsung\'s resolution\" to \"differentiate its model \".
\"This statement sounds suspicious at best.
Samsung\'s current OLED panel resolution is 2 k.
It is entirely possible for Apple to test higher.
The resolution screen of the next generation iphone, but the motivation to improve the resolution of the display is unlikely to have anything to do with Samsung or its phone.
Apple\'s share price has been relatively low.
Recent display of resolution on iphone-
720 p on IPhone 7, 1080p on iPhone 7 Plus-
Because on a display of this size, once you reach a certain threshold, the pixel count does not have a huge impact on the quality of the image.
If Apple is playing with a 4k display, then interest around VR applications will be a more likely explanation.
The Wall Street Journal also reiterated that KGI Securities analyst Ming-
Guo Zhiguang said that the OLED iPhone 8 will only be one of several new iPhone models released in 2017.
Other models may still use LCD monitors, and the price of OLED iPhones may be higher.
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