why the next iphone may ditch its fingerprint reader, and other rumors

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-14
As Apple\'s new phone is expected to hit the market in the fall, rumors about the new phone this week have begun to circulate, according to new reports from analysts and news from Apple\'s supply chain.
As with all speculative reports, it is better to know something about this information (or shaker)of salt.
Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
Here\'s what people are saying and how we understand it all.
What\'s older is that people always expect the next high.
The final version of the IPhone will have a new screen called OLED (organic light-emitting diode).
The OLED screen has a brighter color, a deeper black and a better battery life.
But they are also harder to produce, especially Apple\'s demand for the iPhone.
The new report shows that Apple will eventually completely switch to OLED screens from the 10th.
IPhone Anniversary
Subsequently, the company will release three OLED models in the second half of 2018.
The reports are mainly based on an article in Nikkei Asia Business Review, which cites anonymous sources in Apple\'s Asian supply chain.
This has some meaning.
Over the years, there have been reports that Apple wants to switch to OLED screens.
These screens are the standard for iPhone competitors, especially those from Samsung --
Top OLED screen manufacturers and Apple suppliers.
According to Nikkei, Apple has also invested in LG\'s OLED manufacturing division, suggesting the company is interested in finding ways to produce screens on iPhone scale.
Touch IDAppleis is expected to be high-
Terminal iPhone with edge support-to-edge screen.
But this change will eliminate the location of the fingerprint reader.
This makes some wonder if Apple will move the reader, embed it in the screen, or even throw it away altogether.
Guo Ming, Apple analyst at KGI Securities, wrote in a recent report that Apple will not put a fingerprint reader on the display
Many people want the company to do something more consistent with the current design.
But the report did not indicate where the fingerprint reader might go.
The popular YouTube channel \"everthingingapplepro\" became more speculative when it released a detailed metal-and-glass mock-
It said the high-end iPhone was sent by a Chinese handset maker.
The virtual phone does not have a fingerprint reader on the front of the phone, although it does display a box with a cut on the Apple logo on the back of the phone.
This could mean that, like on a competitor\'s smartphone, a fingerprint reader might go there.
Or this case may have been designed just to show the Apple logo.
Still, it\'s surprising to see Apple give up its fingerprint reader, especially given how hard it has pushed Touch ID in recent years, and how important it is to phone login and purchase.
Possible facial recognition (
Again, this is just a possibility)
Apple may abandon the fingerprint reader, which raises the problem of replacing the fingerprint reader.
Facial recognition seems to be the first choice to be guessed.
Previous reports show that the company is testing advanced facial recognition as a method of authentication.
A Bloomberg report quoted anonymous sources familiar with the product as saying facial recognition could be used to unlock phones, buy goods and open secure apps.
TechCrunch spot teda patent says Appleis working on a technology to scan a face using a mobile phone camera
Even if the phone fell asleep-
Lock the device.
Facial recognition makes a lot of sense as a validation tool --
Especially if Apple gets rid of Touch ID.
It will provide another option for biometric authentication, which many believe is more convenient than passwords and passwords.
It is rumored that the facial scans Apple is developing may be more consistent than the fingerprint reader, for example, the fingerprint reader will work when your fingers get wet.
It may also be easier to use than fingerprints
As TechCrunch described, it will be a more seamless experience.
Nevertheless, in some cases it may not make much sense to use a facial scan
Think about the check-Out line.
Apple may have a solution to use your face as a form of authentication that I never thought of at the cash register.
But, overall, I think it sounds more troublesome to scan your face before buying than just holding your phone to the reader.
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