what to expect from the world’s biggest consumer electronics display, the consumer electronics show

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-08
CES 2017: looking for future tech firm LG, it is expected to showcase the world\'s largest 8k oled TV screen at the Consumer Electronics Show this year.
Source: from folding smartphones and robotic cat doors to bigger, clearer and smarter TVs than our homes, revolutionary technology is expected to emerge at this week\'s world\'s largest technology show
More than 180,000 people will flock to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to watch the world\'s largest technology companies, including Samsung, Intel and Google. Release their latest developments and set the highest trend for 2018.
But, in addition to the technology that might appear in your home, the show is expected to host a completely unusual device from Harry Potter --
Style automatic Board to one-
Electric cars.
At this year\'s Consumer Electronics Show, smart home products such as Google\'s Home speakers will be unveiled.
Source: Australian news group related report: Gary Shapiro, chairman of the Consumer Technology Association for technology evolution, said the incident was used to launch the world\'s first video cassette recorder, which will host more than 4000 companies this year, from large businesses to more than 800 start-upsup companies”.
The event will also add different areas to adapt to emerging technologies, including augmented reality applications and unusual vehicles, he said.
\"What we\'re seeing at CES is some of the categories we didn\'t have last year.
We have no smart city.
We will be ourselves soon.
Driving cars and artificial intelligence, InternetOf-
Things that were not even in our vocabulary 10 years ago, and now they are the main components of CES, \"he said. Home-
Entertainment equipment is expected to be one of the technologies overhauled at CES this year, and LG promises to launch the largest 8k resolution OLED TV
The definition of the top TV currently being sold has more than doubled.
LG display CTO In-\"The successful development of the world\'s first 8k OLED display is a milestone In the 8k era, highlighting the exciting potential of OLEDSaid Bing Kang.
\"OLED is obviously next.
Leader in technology.
Samsung is expected to launch a new TV series at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.
Image: GettySource: The screen is expected to be slim, offer dark black, and have more than 33 million self
Lighting pixels of the clearest picture so far.
According to rumors, South Korean technology giant Samsung is ready to use 150-
However, inch TVs using the new \"micro LED\" technology may replace the current qled TV series and challenge OLED technology.
But keen experts will also focus on Samsung to see if it will launch its first \"foldable\" smartphone, as it did last year.
Samsung Galaxy X could be the first smartphone to have a truly curved touch screen
Samsung previewed technology at its previous Consumer Electronics Show.
Artificial intelligence voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are expected to have more technology at CES this year, such as Schlage\'s Sense Smart Deadbolt, which allows users to under commands
The product will be just one of a range of smart home devices launched, from the automatically opened connected cat door to cordless, infrared
Red hair dryer on CES.
Innovative modes of transport are also expected to play an important role at this year\'s show, from electric cars designed to accommodate only one person to solos by Electra Meccanica, Canada, sublue WhiteShark Mix is the world\'s smallest underwater scooter.
The Consumer Electronics Show will open on Wednesday.
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