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What exhibitions does LCD Mall participate in?

Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited has been to many famous exhibitions not only domestically and internationally. Our company has grown rapidly since establishment, which allows us to participate in many famous exhibitions at home and abroad to advertise our superior ips capacitive touchscreen . By attending exhibitions, an increasing number of customers get to know more information about our products and we have attracted long-term business partners and clients.

Shenzhen LCD Mall is established a few years ago. We have been engaging in the production of tft lcd that meet the needs of both domestic and international markets. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of monochrome lcd and other product series. This model of embedded display is efficient and durable thanks to the design of embedded lcd. It can be designed with either the on-cell or in-cell touch sensor. The modernized factory of Shenzhen LCD Mall has very large scale and great capacity. It can be designed with either the on-cell or in-cell touch sensor.

We are committed to realizing our sustainability goals. We work with our customers in a safe, energy-efficient and environmentally conscious manner.

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