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What about word-of-mouth of LCD Mall?

LCDMall enjoys high word-of-mouth in the industry. Our partners who have relationships with us, such as other business owners, suppliers and organization we support, are impressed deeply by the assistance we offer. Our users are satisfied with the product performance and the affordable price.

Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited, a highly popular company in China, mainly focuses on the R&D, design, manufacture, and sales of monochrome display. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of capacitive touch screen and other product series. oled display we produced is characterized by its display oled. It can be equipped with a resistive (RTP) or capacitive (CTP) touch panel. Shenzhen LCD Mall’s products have won good appraise from our customers. Its optical bonding improves the contrast ratio by reducing the amount of reflected light, thus improving viewability.

To practice our sustainable development, we have constantly renewed our production method by introducing advanced facilities that can control emission.

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