ultra-hd tvs get lots of hype at consumer electronics show

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-14
Local resident Tony Holdy stood at the world\'s largest consumer electronics show to admire the latest tech-hungry objects, and a friend joined a group of amateur photographers who shot a huge 110Samsung TV.
\"This is incredible,\" Holdip said . \" He commented on the brightness and image clarity of the TV set.
\"The only problem I can see is that it may be too big.
Samsung Electronics.
Television sets represent the next generation in the field of home entertainment. high-
The resolution of the TV set is four times the resolution of the American Home hd TV display.
Manufacturers want to give consumers a reason to replace their current TV sets with TVs that promise more vivid colors and clearer images
Not to mention the higher price tag.
Television producers have been looking for the next big thing for months --
The TV is booming in the market.
But some industry analysts warn that a clearer picture alone may not be enough to convince consumers to spend thousands of dollars on new devices.
Advertising photo: CES 2014, the advantage of Las vegas is not as clear as it was a decade ago
From the old-fashioned analog TV to the high-definition TV, it provides a greatly improved image quality and is much thinner than the bulky cathode shape
The optical tube group that once dominated the living room.
Colin Dickson, founder of research firm NScreenMedia, said: \"It\'s not as compelling as the shift from normal analog to high-definition . \".
\"The problem here is switching from [[HD]
The quality upgrade is not that big for 4 k.
\"The manufacturer has done its best for the super
High-definition TV at Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show, with some demos of Hollywood stardust-
The results were mixed.
Advertising \"vandalism\" creator Vince Gilligan\'s appearance at Sony
Compared with the collapse of Transformers director Michael Bay, the keynote speech attracted much less attention on social media.
Bay suddenly stepped off the stage in Samsung\'s presentation and was flustered because of a faulty word maker.
He later issued a statement saying he felt \"embarrassed\" and \"I don\'t think it\'s my business to perform live.
\"Manufacturers Samsung and LG Electronics show some curved displays of electronic gymnastics: according to the manufacturer, the screen is bent from flat to curved with the press of the button, providing more film experience.
Screen size from around 50 inch to Samsung 110-
Retail prices are expected to be as high as $150,000 in inches.
About Location: where does the camera scroll?
The curved 4k TV seems to be dropping.
Vizio announced at CES that sales will begininch ultra-
About $1,000 hd TV.
Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and M-on CES-
Go is one of the first people to jumphigh-
Define trends. Netflix Inc.
Chief Executive Officer Reed Hastings announced at the LG news conference that Netflix will venture out a 4k TV and provide users with the next season\'s political drama House of Cards on a 4k TV. The award-
The award-winning AMC series \"vandalism\" will also be \"upgraded\" to a new, lush format. M-
DreamWorks Animation and Technicolor\'s joint venture Go show its superhigh-
Samsung TV will launch HD services this spring. Amazon. com Inc.
The company said it would work with top Hollywood studios and television producers, including Warner Bros.
20th Century Fox, found, provides 4k programming for customers.
Amazon Studios announced last month that it plans to film its 2014 original series at 4 k.
Hollywood studios are expected to be more attracted to new formats than TV stations.
Part of the reason is that there are about 25% people in the United States. S.
The cinema already has a 4k projector capable of showing movies in a more vivid picture.
By contrast, 4k television viewers in the United StatesS. is tiny.
Only 60,000 superhigh-
According to the consumer electronics industry\'s own estimate, hd TV was sold in China last year and is expected to reach less than a million units in 2014.
Photo: celebrities from time executives privately expressed caution about 4k TV shows.
\"I don\'t think the broadcaster will accept it,\" said Michael Nathanson, media analyst at research firm MoffettNathanson . \".
\"No one wants to invest more capital into the business unless there is a promise that pays off. ”Ultra-high-
According to Paul Gray, an analyst at displaydisplay search, defining TV is already popular in China and the company is leading consumer adoption.
In the third quarter of 2013, China accounted for 87% of 4k TV shipments, and is expected to account for half of the global market by 2017.
However, there is some concern about whether the technology can find a profitable foothold. Ultra-
HD has been used as a low
The cost premium function of the TV set before the broadcaster agrees to a set of standards-
For example, faster frame rate and enhanced color range-
This may show the performance of the TV set and inspire consumers to buy it at a higher price.
\"Our situation is reminiscent of 3-
Four floors, \"Gray. dawn.
Chmielewski @ latimes.
Richard Verrier, a staff member at the advertising times, contributed to the report.
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