sony has revived its robotic dog, aibo - irish examiner

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-12
Sony has restored its robot dog Aibo more than ten years after the last appearance of the robot pet.
According to Sony, the new Aibo is able to form an \"emotional bond\" with the owner, and because of the flexibility of the design, it is able to move along 22 axes, so it is very flexible. googletag. {});
Aibao\'s eyes are two OLED panels used to convey a variety of emotions. The robot will be available in Japan in January.
Sony says the new version of the Aibo contains a \"natural curiosity\" that Sony will actively look for its owners in order to interact with them.
The robot can then detect the words of praise and react to smiles and body interactions such as head scratches and back slaps.
The sensor on the dog also enables it to understand its environment through a series of inputs.
Built-in sensors and fish
Eye cameras that map the surrounding environment. (Sony)
Sony is also making an accessory for Aibao-its own toy bone-and the robot can also interact and play with it. googletag. {});
However, Sony is currently only planning to issue in Japan for 198,000 yen, or about 1,300, so robot enthusiasts around the world will have to wait.
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