samsung unveils \'first uhd oled display\' for laptops

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-31
Samsung Display said on Tuesday that it has developed the world\'s first ultra-high-definition OLED (
Organic LEDs)
Laptop display. The panel-
Samsung Electronics\'s manufacturing department says it will start mass production of uhd oled panels in the medium term
In February, the diagonal size of sports was 15.
6 inch, resolution 3840 × 2160 pixels.
Samsung Display said in a statement that the display has high resolution, low blue light and wide viewing angle, which can meet the needs of the high-end market.
The company added that the new uhd oled laptop display is in line with the display hdr true black specification released by VESA.
Samsung also said the new uhd oled panel is equipped with 1. 7-
Compared to LCD panels of similar size, the color volume is doubled to be able to display 3.
4 million colors for DCI-P3 color gamut.
The company says OLED panels are thinner and more energy efficient than LCD products, although they may be more expensive (
About $50 to $60, about Rs. 3,600 to Rs. 4,300)
LCD panel than similar.
In 2019, market watchers predicted that the demand for laptops using ultra-high-definition OLED panels will continue to grow, which is high for viewing.
Parse the content and play the game. “Our 15. 6-
Inch uhd oled panel provides the most suitable display solution for carry-on
On IT devices with excellent HDR enhancements, unparalleled color reproduction, and many features
Increase outdoor visibility.
We have no doubt that our new OLED display will provide an exceptional visual experience for laptop users worldwide, \"Jae-
South Cloud, head of Samsung monitor marketing team.
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