samsung’s oled display on new galaxy fold receives international recognition for its reduction in eye-impairing blue light

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-18
Samsung\'s OLED display on the new Galaxy Fold has gained international recognition for reducing its eyes
Damage to blue light * significantly reduces eye fatigue * reduces high-profile blue light exposure by 42% * keeps its color range intact * has been certified \"eye comfort\" from the world-
Famous German Rhine business company in Korea--
On April 16, 2019, Samsung Display announced today that the display panel on the new Samsung Fold smartphone has been certified for eye comfort by the International recognized German Rheinland TÜV because of the sharp drop in Blu-ray launch.
The press release features multimedia.
Check the full version here: the display of Samsung Galaxy Fold has obtained the \"eye comfort\" certificate issued by Rheinland TÜV, Germany (Gr . . .
The display of Samsung Galaxy Fold has obtained the \"eye comfort\" certificate issued by Rheinland TÜV (
Graphic: Business Wire)
The harmful blue light that appears between about 415 to 455 nanometers is related to eye health.
Now, as tü v Rheinland has confirmed, the eagerly anticipated percentage of blue light emitted by GalaxyFold has been reduced to 7%, a threshold that was previously considered unreachable this year.
Percentage of blue-
The OLED panel is 12% luminous and the LCD is 18% luminous.
As more and more consumers understand the dangers of shorting, eye protection filters and procedures are now in the market
Most people fail to maintain the color range of the display panel.
However, while fully satisfying the DCI, the Samsung Display greatly reduces the blue light emission
P3 optical color standard by improving the performance of organic materials in the Galaxy Fold OLED display.
Jeeho Baek said: \"In a market where technological innovation is being achieved at an alarming rate, OLED is setting the pace for changes in smartphone design, because these foldable full screen displays demonstrate the executive vice president of sales and marketing team for Samsung monitor mobile monitors.
\"We enhance the resolution while greatly improving the user environment by minimizing attention to the user\'s eyes,\" he added . \".
In addition to having an eye-comfortable certified Galaxy Fold display, Samsung displays have recently received a similar certification for the Galaxy s10 flexible OLED panel of TÜV Rheinland.
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