samsung\'s galaxy tab s has battery life to spare

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-14
Samsung\'s attitude has always been \"let\'s try everything\" when it comes to tablets \".
\"With tablets of all sizes, shapes and colors, it\'s hard to imagine what Samsung hasn\'t done yet.
A surprising omission is the one with super
OLED screen-
That is, until the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8. 4-inch (MSRP $399. 99)
It happened last summer. The super-
The Slim tablet is not without its drawbacks, but it is a very cool addition to the crowded market --
This is a good sign of the future.
While its specs do not represent a huge leap forward for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, the OLED screen takes a solid blueprint and adds a beautiful finishing touch.
Battery life is improved, color reproduction is more accurate, and lighter packaging is waiting for users to migrate from other tablets.
Since the screen does not require a backlight, Samsung has been able to reduce quite a bit of weight.
Although tablets with LCD displays are becoming thinner (
Like the iPad Air)
, Tab S is only checked in at 0. Thickness 26 inch
This is thinner than most smartphones. 2 pencils.
In addition to the new screen, Samsung has all the features outside the kitchen sink.
There\'s an IR blaster, Bluetooth 4.
0, GPS, fingerprint scanner, in-
Case case lock, forward-
Camera facing and-
Okay, you see.
Although the AMOLED display of Tab S is undoubtedly the future of display technology, it does have its drawbacks.
First of all, it has an incredible high
Contrast, because the OLED screen does not illuminate the black area of the image at all.
This is great in most cases, but it can break the shadow details in some photos and videos.
You also need to make sure to stay away from direct sunlight, as the high reflectivity of Tab S means that the image will be hard to see when there is plenty of light.
In the long run, however, OLED has far more advantages than disadvantages.
In most cases, the ability to turn a single pixel on and off as needed will produce a good picture and also save a lot of time on battery life.
In fact, in terms of longevity, Tab S eliminated competition and used hair for more than 12 hours in a row in our video fault test.
That is, when most of the viewing is whiteScreen content-
Just like the pages of e-books
Battery life is reduced at an alarming rate.
In this case, our unit only lasted 5 hours and 58 minutes.
If you read on a long flight, we recommend you change the \"night mode \"(
White text on black background)
If your eyes can handle it.
There are still some shortcomings in Samsung\'s software experience.
The company re-considers almost all Android features with its TouchWiz UI, which is usually worse.
The result is slower and harder than the experience you get from your inventory Android device.
Again, once you open the tag, you will be welcomed by Samsung and Samsung --
Partner applications and services that you may not need or need.
It is frustrating that many of these bloat software applications cannot be uninstalled to free up storage space.
However, although there are a lot of rough edges in the user experience, the hardware of this tablet has been carefully polished.
Great battery, great ergonomics, double four
Core processor (
Backed up by 3gb RAM)
Do it as a good machine, though TouchWiz-Related hiccups
Considering how much you get on this tablet, the relatively steep price is not surprising.
This is clearly to compete with the iPad Air, and it is commendable that Samsung does offer some compelling reasons for Apple users.
Still, until the company accepted a
Compelling User interface
For example, stock Android 5. 0 Lollipop —
It\'s hard to recommend Galaxy Tab S 8 with all your heart. 4.
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