samsung publicly demonstrates next-generation stretchable oled display prototype

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-19
Samsung has been at the forefront of display technology for years.
Whether it\'s their latest qled TV, Galaxy S8/S8 smartphone, or a convertible device like the brand --
New Galaxy Book 12, all these Samsung-
Built-in devices have some (if not the best) monitors in their respective product categories.
However, at the current monitor Week 2017, which is coming to an end in Los Angeles, Samsung has taken a step towards a future where flexible displays become a reality, showcasing the first stretch-able color OLED display.
The stretchable display displayed at the meeting is OLED (
Organic LEDs)
It is about 9 years old. 1-
Oblique inch.
Larger curved OLED displays are already high
This stretchable display is unique as it can be bent in both directions.
When the screen is pressed from above, it bends like a balloon, and then when the pressure is removed, it goes back to the original flat shape.
However, whether stretching up or down, the display has enough elasticity to recover even when pressed. Current-
The conventional flexible OLED display can only be formed in one direction and can be bent, folded or formed (
For example, curved TV
But not actively extending in two directions.
In addition, Samsung\'s prototype stretch display is able to maintain its original image quality while stretching the screen to depth (or height)of up to 12 mm.
It is not clear at the moment how far the display can stretch, but the image quality may drop if a threshold of over 12mm is pressed.
Samsung envisions the future of this stretch display for the wearable Internet of Things (IoT)
Equipment and automotive applications.
However, the company notes that prototype technology is difficult to produce on a large scale at this time.
Therefore, there is no disclosure of the date when the stretchable OLED display like this prototype will be released.
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