optimal laptop lcd screen size

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-03
The quality of the laptop is easily taken for granted.
But when you think you may spend more time using your laptop than any other device or tool, you realize that the screen you stare at every day is an important part of your computer system
Laptop screen size is the first thing worth choosing before considering other laptop parameters.
In fact, the screen size is a key factor in the overall performance, size and weight of the laptop.
Laptop screen size is also one of the most important factors affecting battery life.
The diagonal size of the most popular laptop screen ranges from 12 to 17 inch.
The most popular screen resolutions are 1024x768, 1280x800, 1280x1024, 1680x1050, 1440x900 and x.
Some people will never consider laptops under 14. 1-inch screen.
Inch screen or even larger screen is not so convenient for travel.
However, they combine the capabilities of desktops with the advantages of laptops (
That\'s why some people call them desktop alternatives).
For such a large laptop, the battery life is very short.
Another drawback is that these laptops may be too heavy.
What is the best screen resolution?
Higher screen resolution reduces the size of items on the screen and increases the relative space of the desktop.
But on the other hand, you may feel uncomfortable if the font is too small to read the text.
The other parameter is the aspect ratio (
Relative number of horizontal and vertical pixels).
4: 3 traditional screen with aspect ratio.
For example, the native resolution of 1280x1024 represents the aspect ratio of 5: 4, which is the most used format on 17 \"and 19\" LCD displays in recent years. New wide-
The screen monitor can use a scale of almost 2:1. Wide-
Screen Monitors use special aspect ratio controls to solve the \"unnatural\" problem of displaying videos in different formats.
Typically, the local resolution should allow display without distortion.
The best way to find the perfect resolution that best suits you and your screen is to try different settings.
Most people like 14-
Preferred Windows inch or larger LCD screen with a resolution of 1,024x768.
These laptops are not heavy.
They have a long battery life and a long charging time.
Ability to cycle (
More than a few hours of running time). Also 14-15-
The price of the laptop is the most reasonable.
Experienced computer users also see this option as the best compromise between the visual area and overall portability.
If you like a laptop screen with a size of less than 15-
Inches, it is only reasonable to use an internal monitor when you are on the road.
Your laptop can be connected to an external monitor when you are at your desk (
For example, there is a spacious 19-21-inch screen)
For better vision and more professional work.
It\'s also nice to use an external ergonomic keyboard and mouse on your desk (
Connected to the laptop).
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