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LCD MALL Limited team building trip

Summer is the perfect time to think about a vacation in LCD MALL Limited we thinking about building trips, enjoying and working together in the best way. Creating or maintaining dynamic and engaged company culture is at the top of your list for 2022.

LCD MALL Limited team went to Shanwei located in the east of Guangdong province. The region is famous for its beautiful coastal scenery and historical attractions, which include Fengshan Temple, Dingguang Temple, and Yuanshan Temple. These temples have a long history and are some of the most important religious sites in eastern Guangdong. Shanwei has a rich and diverse sea ecosystem, it’s a famous fishing ground in Guangdong also. So a perfect place for our team-building trip.

We strongly believe that the human link is the key behind all, and no team will be successful if the human side is not taken care of.

We had many activities and games to recreate basic links between team members but also share a lot of laughs together.

It was a great experience with a lot of fun, great food, and helping the employees coalesce into effective team-building experiences.

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