iphone 8 rumoured to feature curved screen made by apple’s arch-enemy samsung

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-03
The IPhone 8 is expected to feature an amazing curved display built with Apple\'s arch
Some claim to be enemy Samsung.
A whisper from the darkest depths of the iRumour factory indicates that the top secret smartphone will be equipped with a beautiful curved display made of plastic instead of glass.
This screen is expected to be made from organic LEDs (OLED)
This means that it will provide users with better picture quality while being thinner and lighter than traditional screens.
The unconfirmed rumor was published in the Korean Herald, a source from Apple\'s far east supply chain.
The paper also suggested that the curved screen will have a sensor that \"The phone can respond when the user touches any side of the device\", providing a new way to interact with the phone.
If it is true, it may prove that the rumors before Apple are untrue, especially tittle-
This shows that only the more expensive model of the iPhone 8 will be equipped with OLED screens.
Apple experts at Mac Rumours told the latest iGossip: \"Multiple sources say Apple plans to launch 5. 5-
The \"premium\" version of this 2017 iPhone, with OLED screens, and a new model with a traditional LCD display, but today\'s report highlights Apple\'s intention to use a curved screen similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7, the screen is described as the best smartphone display on the market.
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