i still hate my apple watch, so i want to trash it before christmas

by:LCD Mall     2020-06-21
In June 3, 2015, I thought my life on Earth would change forever. Because on that Sun
Almost $500 in Apple a Day (AAPL -Get Report)
A few months ago, I ordered the Watch Sport during a trip to an Apple store in New York and finally arrived at the office.
Say waiting for the so-called Holy Grail of smart watches ---
This is the first time I wear a digital watch. -
I am full of nervous expectations and it will be a serious understatement.
On the day I placed the order, Apple sent an email checking the delivery status of my watch every day.
The feel state indicator will never become \"shipped \".
\"Keep in mind that when Apple Watch first releases the waiting list, this is largely due to the fact that hipsters tech geeks and blog review sites occupy all the early positions.
Damn hipster, you ruined everything.
In any case, the Apple Watch sports sparkled on my desk ---
This is a beautifully smooth black rubber strap with a shiny bezel that is not similar to any watch I have used for more than 30 years.
After marveling at Apple\'s dramatic packaging, I quickly started trying to learn all the features of this foreign product
Digital devices.
Including everything that uses Starbucks (SBUX -Get Report)
New mobile payment function (
Scan the wrist at the register)
Call Mom and brag about Jetson.
Just like technology finally exists.
The first few days of being the owner of the Apple Watch were full of discoveries and possibilities.
\"What if I could order a stretch limousine from my Apple Watch in 2016,\" I thought internally.
\"Soon I can park with this Apple Watch, so excited,\" I smiled at my editor, who was also the adopter of the early Apple Watch.
Unfortunately, since the first five days of deep thinking, I have hardly used any of the features of the Apple Watch.
Apparently, the Apple Watch still can\'t park my red Dodge Challenger or an extended limousine.
My love for the Apple Watch is getting less and less, I have started to secretly hate my Apple Watch, but still reluctantly wear it to work every day.
Even after Apple\'s recent software update, what is it doing.
Why can\'t I enter real information in it like a big boy? (
You can type on Samsung Gear. )
When interviewing the CEO, all the alerts it wants to send me are annoying --camera. (
Hey, this is my job. )
The uploaded app is still slow.
Heck, I usually don\'t care if there are any apps on the watch that show up and I don\'t use them at all.
The band is easy to get dirty and not so easy to fall off-
Because you can\'t wear the same strap every day. -
As Apple promised
I\'m still not sure what cleaning solution I should apply for to make the band look as good as the new one.
For some reason I still can\'t pay for my $5 Starbucks iced coffee with the watch app even though my colleague
Workers can do it easily.
Believe it or not, the best part of the Apple Watch is battery life.
After more than a year, the Apple Watch can last about a day and a half with only one charge.
It\'s not too surprising, especially compared to newer smartwatches on the market like Samsung Gear, but I\'m charging every night before going to bed.
It just needs to make me spend the whole day meeting people from sunup to sundown.
As Christmas approached, I started looking for a new smartwatch.
There must be life in addition to the Apple Watch.
Of course, all I know is the Apple Watch and its quirks, and its seamless fit with my iPhone 6 s.
But there\'s definitely a better smartwatch, isn\'t there?
It\'s impossible for Apple to crack the code on the smartwatch, is it?
I don\'t know, but I want to know, because if it\'s been tied to an Apple Watch for a year, it gets bad because there are no featured words.
Here are the first two watches I pursue for something better.
I want to thank Apple for making this work very difficult. -
All smart watches tested and still tested are Garmin Connect, Android Wear, or Samsung-based.
So many features of the watch--
Voice calls--
Not working as described due to my iPhone ownership.
Are these technicians not getting along well?
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Garmin\'s screen quality costs $249.
99 advantages: the battery can\'t die; waterproof;
A seemingly indestructible building; strong health-
Tracking data app;
GPS equipment
Screen quality;
Deeply inform the buzzer;
Little screenI is particularly interested in receiving Garmin Vivoactive HR.
Fitness smartwatch looks a bit bad-
Ass on the Garmin website-
The color of the screen looks exceptionally bright and the overall device is manly but soft enough to work with a dress shirt.
It has GPS and is perfect for bringing up the number of yards-to-the-
In the middle of the local golf course, the pin is estimated.
But Vivoactive HR ended up with a disappointing factor, which is almost out of the box.
In order for the watch to charge for about eight days at a time, Garmin sacrificed on screen resolution.
In turn, this makes it difficult for the screen to read under most lighting conditions.
Increase the strength of the back-
Light does not help much with the reading experience.
All this is too bad because the smartwatch is good at what it should do.
Heart of rest
The rate screen is a great addition to a range of fitness tracking apps such as running, swimming, walking and playing golf.
As for the Garmin Connect app, it is a golf scorecard from calorie count to body mass index reading to live (
Thanks to GPS).
Great app layout, it all works well with a waterproof watch and watch with amazing battery life.
Finally, it\'s too difficult to surpass the submarine. par screen.
For me to give up the Apple Watch, the replacement device must have a great screen ---
Given all the alerts I read, I can\'t compromise (
Occasional Mail)from it daily.
Garmin Vivoactive HR reminds me of the second car you bought to drive to the train station.
It runs very well and does what it should do and you can beat it.
Stronger fitness ability
Fitbit focuses on issues related to watching (FIT -Get Report)?
Of course, if you have Vivoactive HR in the fitness market, it is worth it.
The center of Smartwatch.
But replace the Apple Watch?
Unfortunately, no. Real-time heart-
Great speed tracking-
No need to press the button for Casio WSD-
F10 is hubecasio WSD-
F10 Price: $500 pro: its size makes it a tool to attract attention in happy times;
A man of a man is watching; the outdoor-friendly tools;
Disadvantages of cool watch: rapid evaporation of battery life;
The watch is too big to wear.
The user interface is a bit awkward;
The name of the watch;
There is no gps as soon as I open the box to Casio WSD-
My heart is erratic.
\"Now, this watch will replace my Apple Watch,\" I said loudly to a colleague. worker. The Casio--
Something to be promoted as a must for outdoor sports enthusiastsown smartwatch--
There is no denying some sexual appeal.
So far, it\'s one of the simplest smartwatches on the market, and its rugged look fits well with all the avant-garde sportswear that continues to dominate the mall.
Interestingly, although the size of the watch is not large-
The rubber strap is a little light, only 92G.
I never felt that the size and weight of the watch was holding me back from typing etc.
Unfortunately, the user experience of some WSD is affected
F10 shiny armor
The battery is dead. I like to suck juice.
With the light use of the screen, I can get up to five hours of life from the battery.
The watch then switches to the mode where only the time and date are displayed.
In the case of heavy use, the battery lasted about four hours before entering sleep mode.
The screen is 1. 32-
Inch LCD display with a resolution of 320x300 pixels.
This is definitely more pleasing to the eye than the screen on the Garmin Vivoactive hr I tested, but it does lack clarity.
I was afraid to turn up the brightness on some days because I was afraid it would run out of battery faster.
Hey, I need this thing to get through the working day.
Using wsd f based on Android Wear-
10 good, sometimes a bit clumsy if not because of round face.
But it works fine with information, emails and phone calls.
Activity app--
That\'s why you should buy a watch. -is pretty neat.
Outdoor sports such as fishing, cycling and hiking are available.
Fishing patterns provide atmospheric pressure changes and current atmospheric readings over the last two hours.
So yes, you can keep track of the weather changes in real time when you are trying to catch Marlins.
All in all, Casio WSD-
F10 is my favorite watch.
It is stylish and almost the same as an Apple Watch.
If you are a fan of outdoor sports, it may be your watch even considering the price of $500.
But while I like WSD
F10 it can\'t replace my Apple Watch either.
Weak battery life is a trade breaker--
So far, smart watches should be able to charge for a full day at a time under reasonable use. P. S.
Casio has to come up with another name for the next iteration of this watch ---
When friends ask where they can buy one, I keep forgetting what it is called.
My old school, Casio G-
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