i am upgrading my price target for kopin heading into the consumer electronics show 2018

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-10
I have been advocating $4 since the beginning of 2015. 50 per-
Share the intrinsic value of Kopin (KOPN)
Hands with over 300 patents and their vast IP portfolio of wearable devices.
According to my forecast, the transaction price of Kopin is $4. 52 per-
In September 19, 2017, although it had moved to the south, it closed at $3. 35 per-
Share on November 24, 2017.
Despite the recent weakness, I now believe that Kopin will exceed $5. 00 per-
Share after the Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES)in January.
In fact, I believe the market will begin to value Kopin at $7. 00 to $10.
Once the company\'s huge opportunity for wearable revenue growth was finally digested by analysts, there were 00 stocks in 2018.
That\'s why: as they said in the third quarter version 2017, five new AR/VR headsets will be presented at CES with Kopin wearable technology components.
The new version of Solos consulting AR smart glasses is one of them.
I believe that due to the collaboration of Goertek, we may see a mobile virtual reality headset with a new OLED micro-display.
In addition, we may see that one or more customers have won the first whisper noise cancellation headset design.
The launch of several headsets from customers will eventually mark the beginning of the wave of Kopin\'s new AR and VR businesses-hoping that big consumer electronics companies will become these customers.
As I have widely reported, Kopin is in all the number of shipping supervisors-
Old enterprise AR devices from companies like Google, RealWear, Scott Safety, Fujitsu and Vuzix.
It is clear that AR will be successful in the enterprise area before we see a wide range of applications in the consumer sector.
Kopin has proven that they are dominating the space with the key early design advantages of the AMLCD micro-display, unique optics and whisper noise cancellation chip.
Find Kopin implementation $50-
With the increase in shipments of the above companies, revenue per unit is $100.
Con census believes that by 2020, the total shipments of enterprise AR equipment will reach millions, and I think it is unusual for Kopin to benefit.
In January of 2017, goltek took 10
Hold a 1% stake in Kopin for $3. 25 per-share.
For those who don\'t know, Geortek is the original device manufacturer of the world\'s largest VR and AR headsets.
Many people think that goltek is the \"Foxconn\" of wearable devices \".
Major consumer electronics companies have begun to design and manufacture virtual reality headsets using geertek.
The reason Goertek has partnered and invested with Kopin is to obtain the full range of AMLCD and OLED micro-displays, optics and whisper noise cancellation technologies offered by amin.
Geortek and Kopin have designed a mobile VR headset called \"Elf\" that uses Kopin\'s new OLED micro-display technology.
In addition to the investment of the company, the company\'s CEO Dr.
John Fan bought 250,000 shares for $3. 21 per-
Share on November 9, 2017.
I think this massive acquisition by the CEO further confirms that Kopin\'s share price may be undervalued at the current level.
These two big deals from industry insiders tell us that there is a lot of room for growth from $3. 25 per-share.
Over the long term, I see Kopin trading in the North for $20.
With the widespread adoption of AR and mobile VR, revenue began to increase at $00 per share.
At that time, AR in technology will launch millions of AR and VR devices every year.
On the way to valuation, I see Kopin trading between $7. 00 and $10.
CES after 00.
Disclosure: I am/We are long Kupa.
This article was written by myself and expressed my views.
I received no compensation (
In addition to Seeking Alpha).
I have no business relationship with any stock company mentioned in this article.
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