global next-generation display materials market to reach $421.50 billion by 2029

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Global Next-
The market reached $421.
50 billion to 2029, Fremont, California, May 29, 2019, Fremont, California, May 29, 2019/PRNewswire /--
According to a copy of BIS Research called \"the next one in the world --
2019-analysis and prediction
2029 \', global next-
The new generation of display materials market is expected to reach $421.
50 billion by 2029.
Browse more than 53 data tables and 148 numbers distributed on Pages 216 and-
Depth TOC on \"global Next Step\"
Market \". The next-
The new generation of display materials market is driven by the construction and development of new and existing display panel manufacturing plants in AsiaPacific(APAC)
OLED display technology has enhanced adaptability in various display devices, and the demand for quantum dots in display devices is increasing.
APAC is the center of display panel manufacturers and suppliers.
In early 1900, the display technology was introduced. By 1922, the cathode ray tube (CRT)
Display technology has been commercialized.
The fragile nature and bulky size of CRT displays drive the demand for technological advances in the industry and lead to the introduction of transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT LCD)
Displays implemented in commercial PCsand laptops. The TFT-
The LCD market is growing rapidly in television and smartphones, with the most important market share in the global market.
The recent breakthrough in display technology is OLED technology. With the demand for various sizes and technologies, this technology interruption is expected to prevail in the display market. The Display form of vividapplication is constantly developing, this, in turn, is expected to drive the display material market in the coming years.
BIS research report: further advances in OLED and tft LCD technology have led manufacturers to achieve quantum dot LEDs (QLED)
Technology of display equipment.
Since the cadmium used in quantum dots is inherently toxic and has been restricted by the European government, manufacturers are currently paying attention to cadmium-
Get free quantum dots of the desired image quality in the display device.
According to Maitreyee Dey, a Research analyst at BIS Research, \"TFT-
Liquid Crystal Display Materials currently dominate the world
Exhibition materials market. TFT-
LCD display is widely used in large TV sets, mainly for 4k TV.
In addition, improved living standards and high disposable income are among the few other factors contributing to global growth in the tft LCD material market.
At present, China and Taiwan are committed to providing organic LEDs (OLED)
Display panels and expand their manufacturing units and subsidiaries in other countries in the Asia Pacific region. The next-
During the forecast period from 2019 to 2029, the market for power generation display materials is expected to grow at a significant rate.
However, new and advanced material prices are high, and due to consumer lack of awareness, the slow adoption of OLED technology, and the exclusivity and intellectual property protection of emerging and display elements limit the next element
On behalf of the exhibition materials market.
Ask for samples: these key participants have increased their collaboration with other material manufacturers to raise public awareness of their existing and new products and technologies and to compete with the competitor\'s product portfolio.
Driven by the rapid development of the next world
Generation of display materials, the R & D activities of several key players in the market are growing rapidly, resulting in an increase in the number of business expansion over the past three years.
This report is a compilation of detailed research on more than 100 players in the future.
A generation of display materials market, and learn from-
Conduct in-depth interviews with key opinion leaders from more than 50 leading companies, market participants and suppliers.
The report also introduces about 17 companies including suppliers and three customer profiles.
Some of the major manufacturers of tft LCD are LG Display, Innolux, AUO, SamsungDisplay, Sharp Corporation, BOE and Japanese display.
Key players in the next stage
Idemitsu Kosan Co. Is a new generation of display materials market. , Ltd.
Dongli Industrial Co. , Ltd.
Samsung SDI
General Display Corporation, novole Corporation, Nano Systems Corporation, Nano Group Corporation, Doushan Corporation, Quantum Materials Corporation, PPG Industrial CorporationDuPont.
Sharp dinc, Sharp, eLux, Inc.
Presse semiconductor, Optovate Limited.
Key questions answered in the report: * What is the next step in the world
Market size of display materials in the 2017 s based on value-
2029, and this year-on-
Annual and compound annual growth rates (CAGR)
From 2019 to 2029?
* What are the next types
On behalf of the display materials and their value growth models in different regions and countries?
* What are the main application areas Next
In terms of revenue generation, the global power generation display materials?
* What is the competitive strength of key players in the future-
Based on recent developments, products and the presence of a generation of display material markets in the region?
* What is the next consumption model-
Produce display materials in applications in different regions and countries?
* What are the key players (
And their detailed analysis and profiles including their finances, corporate snapshots, key products and services, and SWOT analysis)in the market?
Global Quantum Dot Market
2017-analysis and prediction
2022 on BIS research: BIS research is a global B2B market intelligence and consulting firm focusing on emerging technology trends that may disrupt market dynamics.
The Bank for International Settlements publishes more than 150 market research reports each year, research focuses on 3D printing, advanced materials and chemicals, aerospace and defense, automotive, healthcare, electronics and semiconductors, robotics and drones, and other emerging technologies. Our in-
The in-depth market intelligence report focuses on market estimation, technical analysis and emerging high
Growth Applications, deeply segmented countries-
Useful horizontal market data and other important market parameters in strategic decision-making-
Serve senior management.
The difference between BIS Research and other participants is that we not only provide data, but also provide valuable insights and actionable input to the success of our customers.
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