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From the new CIM system to the control software, \"windows\" will be everywhere.
It will be a \"window\" world for good or bad
The control and monitoring products of plastic equipment are no exception.
At this year\'s fair you will see familiar PC-based process-
Monitoring system that appears in new versions of Windows 95 or NT.
The show will also highlight a new range of controllers and sensors, some of which come with PC-
Software based on configuration and data
Collect tasks. (
For news in controls related to a particular process, such as molding or extrusion, see the display preview of the process. )
\"Open\" process monitoring Hunkar Labs
A new \"open-up\" will be launched in Cincinnati-
The architecture of Windows 95 or NT \"CIM system. Called \"Source-
CIM, \"it enables users to program and off from Hunkar\'s\" expert-the-
Windows app.
A related introduction, called matrix, allows users to configure and program their processes-
The monitoring terminal monitors the exact content, time, and way they choose. User-
The programmable database includes a SPC database for 100 projects, a MIS database for 200 projects, and a database for programming user input code, alerts, and reports.
Hunkar will also launch a new factory monitor called \"environmental logistics monitor.
It focuses on the \"molding environment \"--
Coolant temperature, plant temperature, humidity, voltage and air pressure-
This may have a key impact on the quality of production.
Upper and lower limits can be programmed for each parameter.
Trend chart showing all parameters and built-in-in \"pre-
The \"control\" alarm gives a warning before the deviation reaches the critical level.
Hunkar will also bring a \"win-win\"PPM,\" a low-cost, Windows-
Based on CIM system.
Finally, Hunkar will introduce a Class-
Instrument Modules, sensors, software and handheld computers can communicate with machine monitors through infrared without network.
The handheld computer can print out the performance certificate of the machine\'s ability. Mattec Corp.
Loveland, Ohio, will showcase the new version 2.
Its ProHelp Millennium process and production monitoring system.
New inventory and bills includedof-
Material capacity.
The new member of Mattec is also a professional
Help Millennium system for extrusion, SPC machine analyzer and stand-alone shop-Floor scheduling
Nicollet process engineering at Minni aporiz will showcase its latest Windows NT-
Based on production data
Acquisition Management software.
The company will also showcase other new CIM products based on Windows 95 or NT, including modular data
Production-collection system
Monitoring/reporting systems and entries-
A horizontal system of up to 32 machines.
The show will also focus on other new Windows NT versions, including the Shotscope process
Monitoring system from Branden Technologies, Inc.
Orray in Wilson Ville
Latest process-
Monitoring system from Eposof Auburn, Ga. Barber-Colman Co.
The Park of love is sick.
A series of new products suitable for various plastic processes will be displayed.
The high end is its new I/A Series Windows NT-
Pre-based factory range control and monitoring software
Configuration screen for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion.
The company will also launch flat Series color tablets
Panel Operator station and Lite monochrome LCD operator station-
Both MACO control systems.
Other introductions include Windows-based relay-
Ladder programming software for MACO systems that allows users to create and edit sequence logic.
Research on data technology of production management (DTR)
Jackson, Florida.
, Will release the Windows NT version of its manufacturing manager, which is an integrated manufacturing, distribution and finance-
Plastic Industrial and Commercial Management software package.
IQ Management Systems Ltd.
Paso Robles, California
, Will introduce enhancements for its IQ/Win 32 factory-
Management system for Windows 95 or NT.
New features include inventory-
Control and order
Cost Accounting-entry moduleand-Reference Module (
As a position-alone package), and real-Time production-
Monitoring capability.
I\'m marscom from Schaumburg.
, The latest version of AIMS Windows will be displayed-
Based on manufacturing software.
And a new version of the Tracker product-
Surveillance software from Bear technology, Rochester, New YorkY.
Will also be on display.
Hot spots in temperature control will launch a series of new temperature controllers at the show: * A new barrel-
Temperature control module and temperature module with Allen-RTD inputBradley Co.
Mayfield Heights, Ohio
* 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN-sized NXT series temperature controllers for Athena Controls, Inc.
At the meeting in Plymouth
The other Athena entries are 1/4 DIN process controller and DIN-
Rail temperature controller.
* A new l/16 DIN process controller and 1/8 DIN indicator from instruments West GreenwichI. * ETR-
Ogden manufacturing\'s 3200 1/32 DIN process controller, a fully programmable model with universal input
Ill Arlington Heights
* Model 3300 1/32 DIN temperature/pressure controller with digital interface for CAL Controls, Inc.
Libertiville is ill.
The company will also launch Windows-
Trend, monitoring and remote adjustment software based on 3300 controllers.
* SRM1 micro controller (
And new photoelectric sensors)
New C200H Alpha mid
Large PLC from Omron Electronics, Inc.
I\'m sick, Schaumburg. * TLM-8 multi-
Channel temperature monitor and 96 series temperature control for Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company, St. Louis.
New development of fuzzy mathematics
Logic controls include the PX series of nine Fuji automatic tuning process controllers from total temperature meters. Williston, Vt.
, And new 1/4 and 1/8 DIN process controllers from West Instruments.
Qishi Instrument Co. , Ltd. , Amherst, N. Y.
, Will show a new version of its intelligent process control software
Logic Control of injection molding.
As for infrared temperature sensors, look for new models from Irconof Niles, Ill.
The company will launch a miniature hand-
Thermal imaging of the moving process will be demonstrated.
Raytek in Santa Cruz, California
, New I-will also be displayed-r non-
Contact Thermometer and brand
New Windows 95 or NT-based thermal-
The imaging software of its Thermalert MP40 infrared Road scanner.
The new control products for the second largest category at the pressure and position sensors show are pressure and position sensors. * Mercury-
Free pressure sensor: extrusion-
Pressure Sensor with ceramic
The immersion diaphragm is a new product of the AIM sensor of DoNews, N. C. Sensotron Inc.
Huntington Beach, California.
Mercury will be introduced. free melt-
Pressure/temperature sensor.
And Dynisco measurement/control salon, quality.
, Pressure sensors with organic filling materials will be introduced.
* Other pressure sensors: Dynisco will showcase the latest IPX series smart pressure transmitter
Correct pressure measurement of temperature effect in the range of 25 to 400 °c
Dynisco will also launch a 1/4 DIN pressure controller/indicator
State pressure switch, mechanical pressure gauge and small (6-mm)sensing tip.
Swig technology, across the city, Michigan.
There will be a new cavity
Pressure sensor for injection molding.
Sensotron will present a new version of sapphire nozzle and mold sensor.
Schlaepfer Sensor Co. , Ltd. Germany
There will be a new nozzle to melt
Pressure and touch
Force sensor combining quartz with strain
Instrument Technology.
There will be new silicon melting in the stone instrument.
Pressure sensor for extrusion.
Tewyn instruments, Grantham, Lincoln County, UK, will launch a space-
Save pressure sensors with a 1/8 DIN microprocessor controller.
GP: 50 New York Limited
Grand Island in New YorkY.
, Will launch a spike pressure sensor for circular applications affected by transient pressure spikes.
* Linear sensor: Balluff
In Florence, Ky, the first model will be displayed on a new route
Ultra-magnetic sensor with high cost and compact structure. Called BTL-
5R, these sensors are a drop
Instead of linear potentiometer.
* Proximity sensing: Carlo gawazi
Buffalo Grove, sick.
, Will show a new series of capacitive proximity sensors with triple-pole protection against emc and electrostatic interference.
What to find * Windows NT-
Debut based on process and production monitoring.
* The size range of the controller is wide. * Self-
Correcting the pressure sensor can solve the temperature effect.
Related articles: New Manufacturing Software new software package at the exhibition provides solutions for various manufacturing problems: * energy efficiency-
It was invented by Oakbrook.
The energy tracker software that monitors energy consumption will be displayed.
* Maintenance Management-Westland Corp.
It\'s Wichita\'s.
, Maintenance notebooks will be introduced in Windows and DOS versions for tracking the maintenance of injection molding machines and related components.
* Cost accounting and quotation-
Orion, injection molding industry of Mich.
New Calcmaster mold will be displayed
Reference software.
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