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by:LCD Mall     2020-06-20
The TIMBERLAND and Swiss military Hanowa watches are different in style and are aimed at a very different audience.
Timberland\'s new series provides a rough and sophisticated feel for outdoor fans, while the Swiss military Hanowa has chosen more traditional features.
The newly appointed Malaysian distributor of both brands, AD time Sdn Bhd, has launched the latest Swiss military Hanowa and Timberland watches.
Watches will be available at all Solar Time and Time Covent boutiques.
Rajiv Mehra, regional sales and marketing director of Fortune concept Co. , Ltd. , which sells these brands in Asia, said Timberland is moving towards a more casual watch design.
\"We attach great importance to the outdoor lifestyle.
\"Its durable fabric and soft leather strap are designed for outdoor adventures.
\"The embossed Timberland logo on the beige tan leather strap highlights exquisite craftsmanship and structure,\" he said . \".
Measuring diameter 46mm by ionplated gun-
With a metal top ring and Crown, Timberland Campton is simple in design and waterproof up to 100 m.
Its beige hands and markings complement the black dial, bringing a stylish look that will appeal to city dwellers and are strong enough for outdoor fans.
Another prominent Timberland product is the HT3 chronograph that displays different time zones.
It combines the analog chronograph with a digital LCD display in a metal ion of 56mmplated case.
Its white mark and Timberland logo match the black dial, while the strong orange rubber strap gives a sharp contrast to the hand strap.
The HT3 is waterproof up to 500 m and also comes with a stainless steel case and a black silicone strap.
Timberland shows a variety of other designs, such as Warren Field in Timberland.
While Timberland shines with its outdoor theme, the new Swiss military Hanova watch will appeal to those who love classic watches.
The Swiss military, Hanova, celebrated its 50 th anniversary last year and has been adhering to a long tradition of sports watch philosophy.
The Swiss military Hanowa\'s flagship timed IP black chronograph is sporty and classic, and is suitable for all kinds of occasions.
The IP Black uses a dark Black dial that highlights the dynamic nature of the watch.
Its 42mm stainless steel case is equipped with a black ion coated stainless steel strap to prevent scratches.
There are several versions, including all-
Black bezel, partial glow index and pointer.
The Aqualiner model of the Swiss military Hanowa adopts the baffle from elegant black to two different color schemes
Shades of Black, along with a range of color options from crimson to blue and yellow to suit a variety of flavors.
The stainless steel case is 100 m waterproof and contains Swiss precision quartz movement.
Scratches on sapphire glassresistant.
Designed with black and silver dial options.
This watch features a stainless steel bracelet or a black Polyurethane Strap to create a sporty but formal look in clean and refreshing stainless steel.
The Swiss military Hanova Watch starts at rm850.
The price of the new Timberland timepieces starts at rm500.
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