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Control becomes smaller when CIM and MRP get new features and vendors.
CIM system in real-
Time process and production monitoring bring many new systems and enhancements to the exhibition and some new suppliers in the field. Likewise, show-
Viewers can expect to see new names in MRP software vendors, as well as new features like EDI and barcode.
In process control, a new source of the total machine --
The control system is making its debut.
There will be a lot of temperature and pressure sensors and controllers, some of which take advantage of \"fuzzy logic\", and others take advantage of packaging that is smaller than ever to package more features.
The CIM system will add the CIM system from at least two new sources, which will debut at the show. A new three-
Nicollet process engineering will launch a horizontal process and production monitoring system for injection molding machines
It is reported that the new \"PMM\" system was developed in more than three years, including large and small loops and custom molds.
It starts with the PMM240 single-
Industrial PC machine process monitor running Windows.
It provides a graphical display of process parameters, SPC charts of up to 24 parameters, and a wide database of job and machine settings.
There is also a work of pmw14-
At the same time, cell monitoring stations with labels are maintained on four injection molding machines.
Then there are PV1000 factory monitoring stations with up to 70 machines.
Nicollet also offers PC-
Based on PMA360 machine
Ability analyzer.
Joint development with 3m Company
Molding technology center in StPaul, Minn.
, The device monitors more than 60 parameters, scans at speeds of up to 100,000 samples/sec, and includes SPC calculations.
Another new factory-wide production and process monitoring system for Hogg Technologies, Inc. is called DARTnet
Traverse City, Michigan.
DART network link up to 255 DART-1000 single-channel data-
Acquisition module (
Each monitor a single parameter on a single machine)
To remote IBM-compatible PC.
The overview screen displays the production status by mold and machine number, indicating \"start-
Up, running, and down \".
\"Show the good and bad part count, cycle count, remaining parts that finished the work, standard cycle and actual cycle for the last shot, as well as waveform profile, peak, fill time, cycle time for each input variable, region under the curve, and trend data.
The display also divides the lens into good and bad, turns on the alarm on the affected machine, and activates the part-
Sorting mechanism on machine
This system allows the user to control costs and complexity by installing the DART module only for the parameters he wants to monitor.
YPG also provides
Based on portable machine analyzer. Several brand-
Syscon will launch a new development project
PlantStar in South Bend. One is a low-cost, entry-
Level version of focus-100 CIM system. Called Focus-
Lite, a fully functional production monitoring system that can hold up to 16 machines for just $6000.
It\'s made by an M-CIM16L data-
Acquisition box and any IBM-compatible PC. Four M-
You can connect the CIM16L unit and four PCs to monitor 64 machines. Focus-
Lite is fully compatible with the company\'s focus and can be upgraded-100 and Focus-2000 systems.
It offers production reports, downtime and rejection tracking, real time
Schedule time, material forecast, job tracking and efficiency report by work and shift. New Version 2.
Window 0 of PlantStar-based Focus-
The 2000 CIM system has been extended to allow processes-
Variables and SPC settings vary from tool to machine to product-
Or any combination of the three.
It is said that this is to simplify the settings
Greater flexibility through process standards. More user-
Customizable display function and real
Time SPC alerts have also been added.
PlantStar has also released a new version of 8. Focus of 11-100 CIM system.
Now include the real
SPC alarm time (
On computers and machines.
Interface Module), an alarm-
Overview The screen and be able to draw different heights
On the same chart, the speed process variables conflict with each other.
An alarm on one machine can be used to start the light on another printing machine in one plant where the operator supervises multiple machines. Focus-
100 it is also now possible to upload and download the complete machine settings between the Pathfinder series controls of Van Dorn Demag.
And added interface for direct RS-232 or RS-
The 485 is connected to the Dongyang, Chi TE, battonfield injection Press.
PlantStar also launched a new color version of EL touch screen M-CIM machine-
Interface Display.
Henka lab
Cincinnati adds new hardware and software features to its CIMIII system.
New software including automatic machines
Ability Classification on 9-level scale.
The software automatically performs analysis every day or every shift, and reports are generated only if the quality level of the machine changes (
See PT, April15. )
The new is automatic association of parts. Attribute data (
Weight or size)
Use process variables in the same cycle.
Now, the chart on the screen can cover the parts and process data.
On the hardware side, Hunkar launched a new smart box stand --
Independent Machine Controller/monitor with touch
Screen EL display.
Limited direct processing of boxes-
The control function also includes the complete SPC-
PRO software for CIM-
III system, so it can provide almost all types of information for a single machine operator, and usually only in CIM-III network.
These include full process, production and SPC monitoring with automatic alerts;
Automatic setting of control limits for all variables;
Distinguish the good/bad parts;
Single or multiple processes-
Parameter trajectory;
And production tracking and cycle efficiency, as well as Pareto charts and other auxiliary tools for analyzing the reasons for downtime, rejection and process alerts.
It can store work settings and process restrictions, accept bar-
Code input, also accept q-
Instrument input that automatically associates process parameters with part weight or size. A built-
In the \"expert\" project, solutions to common problems are proposed.
The portable version of the smart box can be used as a built-in integrated machine analyzerin PC.
At the exhibition, Hunkar will display intelligent boxes designed for injection molding and blow molding (
See blow molding section).
A type for transfer molding (
Electronic Packaging)
Will come out later. EPOS Corp. , Auburn, Ala.
Its CIM system will be extended with the new EPM series 6000 machine interface, which integrates 386 processors and high
The resolution LCD panel of the graphic image can be displayed.
Up to 32 machine process parameters can be monitored. A new Unix-based \"open-
Mattec will launch the \"architecture\" CIM system.
Loveland, Ohio
It is designed to facilitate integration and communication with complex networks of various computers, plc and operating systems. This multi-user, multi-
The task assignment system is easy to scale.
Mattec will also launch a new MIU 8X machine
Store interface unit-
Floor data collection.
It can store and cover the injection
Pressure and velocity curves for analysis.
Other new products will include CIM software for extrusion and bar codes for supplier traceability.
New monitoring systems from Engel, Guelph, Ont, Canada. , is a local-area network (LAN)
Provide real
Time monitoring from remote PC for all users
The selected screen page on a single machine controls or monitors a set of machines at the same time. T. G. Branden Corp.
Wilson, Ray.
, Added customer Report design package and VGA display in its Shotscope process monitoring system. And a new low-
The cost PM Series central monitoring system will be displayed by Nissin USA
Anaheim, California
Spirex will launch a new technology package.
Youngstown, Ohio
It uses graphics extensively, showing commonly used formulas, engineering data, and resin data.
Unified software Ont And Ont will publicly present for the first time more sources of MRP software manufacturing management software developed by custom injection molding machines.
Plastic business manager (PBM)
Computer system (Windows or DOS)
Including many modules such as quotation, order entry and invoicing, inventory control, production scheduling, sales analysis, accounting and tools, as well as a complete set of databases-
Management tools (see PT, Feb. \'94, p. 14).
Another new \"plastic management system\" developed specifically for molds is BLIS-
400 from B & L Information Systems Co. , Ltd.
Bridgeman, Michigan.
It is an integrated module suite process for order processing, shipping/invoicing, production scheduling, inventory control, payroll, accounting, cost estimation, job costing, efficiency tracking, equipment utilization, quality control description, tools, maintenance management, forecasting and capacity planning.
Agape Computer Systems Co. , Ltd. , Bedford, Pa.
Modular plastic is provided
For a while, new columns have been added to the management package-Coding and EDI (
Electronic data exchange
The function of PowerPaks MRPII package.
Other relatively new modules in this series include power faxes, which send faxes from computers to fax machines;
And power tracking, it provides a lot
Tracking the quantity of finished products and raw materials from procurement to manufacturing and transportation.
The new IQ/Genesis CIM has EDI capabilities that allow multiple factories to communicate across several networks
System Update from IQ management system, Ontario, California
In addition, relatively new IQ real-time software will be introduced to monitor the total cycle, production time, downtime and shift changes on the molding machine.
Data technology research, Jackson, Florida.
Its manufacturing manager integration software has been extended to enable it to run on new platforms and operating systems, including SCO Unix, IBM\'s RS/6000 AIX Unix, and Hewlett-Hp Unix user experience.
The software version of Windows NT is scheduled to be released later this year.
EDI and barcode is one of the latest enhancements to the store
Floor monitoring and MRP-
II system of Pa systems, Yili, Pa.
Also, Molders Office MRP for Intrac-
The II system can now run on the PC network, not just the ibm as/400 minicomputer. C. A. E. Services Corp.
I\'m sick, Bloomingdale.
, Will upgrade its cost
Estimates and parts
Weight estimation software package for injection molding machine. Part-
The weight estimator increases the base geometry from 60 to 120.
New \"total control\" system the first product series of the newly established Syscon-
Control star Div. (
View industry news focus)is the Farex-
The SR series is used for the whole machine control system for injection molding, film blowing and other extrusion.
The controller includes PLC modules for temperature and sequence control, analog and digital I/O, CPU, communication, and selection of six different touch screen operation interfaces, from monochrome LCD to color EL. Barber-Colman Co.
Decline in industrial instruments and meters.
I am sick. I like the park.
Will show its new generation of MACO high
Speed machine controller based on compact Alpha platform.
Versions for injection, extrusion, and blow molding will be displayed (
See other parts of this report and PT, April23).
Relatively new single
Platform control system based on Simatic TI series controller and monochrome LCD operating panel and process-
Siemens industrial automation will display control software
Alpha Tower of Ga
The pressure/temperature sensor and the control \"fuzzy logic\" and the smaller and smaller size are several temperatures-and pressure-
Will launch control products in NPE.
The supplier claims that fuzzy logic is particularly valuable in preventing setting point overshoots.
Both themes are new to REX-D100 1/16-DIN fuzzy-
Logic process controller from Syscon-
South Bend RKC, Ind. This high-accuracy/fast-
The sampling unit accepts input of thermocouple, thermal resistance, voltage and current.
Also equipped with fuzzy
New REX-logical ability
The FZ series automatically tune the temperature controller, which is reported to be able to achieve rapid recovery after a process interruption and a set point change.
In addition, the new Rex-B800 multi-
The area temperature controller can accept up to eight thermocouple or RTD inputs.
It has auto-tuning, heating/cooling options, dual alarms on each channel, and memory for storage settings.
Fuji Electric fuzzy line-
The total temperature meter company will also introduce a logic temperature controllerWilliston, Vt.
There are 1/16 PYX series-
DIN size with auto-tuning and universal input, the cost is roughly the same as the standard PID auto-tuning controller. A fuzzy-
Logic Method of On-
The new master series 1/8 also features line tuningand 1/16-
DIN temperature controller introduced by Fast Heat, Elmhurst, Ill.
The controller is designed for applications that do not require full control
Characteristic diagnosis.
With the introduction of 1/32-, the miniaturized temperature control has reached a new level
DIN size from two suppliers.
Cal control
Libertiville is ill.
, With automatic tuning version with dual output.
Waterlow Electric Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. , St.
Louis, this new small size 935 series will be launched.
What\'s New: * Watlow also has a new 365 series controller with factory
Analog locking limit, on/off, or PI control is available.
The new series 988 features a wide range of input and output options.
The company says it\'s the only 18-
DIN control, allow single
Unit cascade control of the process.
* 1/4 new line-
DIN temperature controller from Love control Div.
Dwyer Instruments, Inc. , Arbitrary, sick.
, Including a built-in
Prevent foreign particles from interfering with the barrier of temperature control.
* A new universal-I/O, 1/16-
DIN microprocessor
Process/temperature controller based on new 1/4-
West meter, Greenwich, R will display DIN process controllerI.
* Industrial sensors(ISI)
Mass, Winchester.
, Showing a new 1/4-
DIN pressure indicator, 1/4-DIN dual melt-
Pressure and temperature indicators, and 1/8-
DIN pressure indicator with two alarms.
* New series 10Q 1/4-
DIN and series DIN 1/8DIN single-
Regional temperature controller, and multiple
Barber will launch a regional module-Colman Co. (
PT, p. 94, April. 23).
* CMC Technologies, Buffalo, New YorkY.
A pressure will be introduced-based five-display, four-
The channel monitoring instrument with model MMC5 controls a combination of one or more parameters.
Suitable for Rod leveling and monitoring moldsmating force.
Other new introductions will include the CFSG2 extension for the post bar and CMCDAQ data-
Acquisition system.
New sensors and sensors for environmental protection, several non-mercury-
The filled pressure sensor will make its debut at the show.
Industrial sensors and Gneuss are launching a model. , Matthews, N. C.
, And Sensotron, Inc.
Huntington Beach, California.
Sensotron non
The mercury sensor can measure the melting pressure and temperature.
Pressure and temperature can also be measured with new Flushing
Install the nozzle sensor probe from Sensotron. The 30,000-
Psi/750 F sensor for direct off-
Loop control of injection and packaging pressure.
New infrared temperature instruments are also expected.
Small, affordable ($199)
Watlow\'s IR primary sensor has six optional output types with sensing ranges from 32 to 1000 F. Ircon, Inc. , Niles, Ill.
Is introducing an I-
A thermometer that measures the temperature of the film, especially the PE.
And Sensotron will show a line of near infrared spectroscopy, blood legend, and infrared photo detectors on the Raman spectrum
Line composition analysis of polymers at temperatures up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit
Here\'s a quick breakdown of the various new temperatures, pressures, locations, and other sensors to look for: * extended unisex (
Uniform sensitivity)
Kistler Instruments Corp. Will showcase a range of flushmount sensors, Amhurst, N. Y.
Extra size for 2. 5 to 6.
It now offers up to 0mm psi and a pressure range of up to 29,000 psi.
In addition, Kistler will also show the updated Dataflowplus data-
Collection system for injection molding.
* New pressure sensors for extrusion and-mold mini-
The complex part of the cavity pressure sensor will introduce Dynisco, salon quality.
* Sensotron will bring a new \"smart\" melt
Pressure sensor using on-
Diaphragm RTD with EPROM temperature correction.
* GP: 50 New York, Grand Island, New YorkY.
, There is a new option JJ on its 211 type sensor, which provides fast (0. 5-millisec)
Hydraulic response
Pressure measurement.
* New Temposonics TLS-P100 single-
Axis programmable limit switch for MTS systems
Research triangle park, N. C.
, Designed to replace the standard limit switch on the injection molding machine.
It allows the operator-
The screen is only once, and it will be recalled as needed later.
* New Thinswitch limit switch for Hamburg engineering, Olathe, Kans.
, Is said to be to prevent expensive mold damage, prevent the mold from closing at the next shot before the top-out Board returns completely.
Looking for more suppliers to provide CIM systems, some of them are very low cost.
* Complete CIM monitoring capabilities are now available on the stand
Single data terminal.
* The proliferation of portable machine analyzers.
* Add barcode and EDI to MRP package.
* The temperature controller keeps shrinking and avoids overshooting using \"fuzzy logic.
* The pressure sensor eliminates Mercury.
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