ces 2019: lg 88-inch 8k oled screen unveiled, doubles up as a giant speaker

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-19
LG Display on CES 2019 announced that it will showcase some cool and innovative screens at the Technology Expo in Las Vegas.
These include 88-
Inch 8k OLED screen, 65-
Inch 8k OLED display and 65-
Inch 4k OLED screen.
At the moment, we don\'t know when we can see these on store shelves, but the future certainly looks exciting.
In addition, the company has launched several transparent OLED displays, a 27-
27-inch Neo Art concept screen
Only 0 inch 4k screen. 11-
Inch baffle and 13. 3-
1-inch 4-k display with 2 power consumption. 8W.
The most exciting display in the LG display brand-
New goods, 88-
The inch 8k OLED screen provides a huge upgrade to the company\'s Crystal Sound Screen technology released in 2017.
The technology allows the company to embed the sound system directly into the OLED screen, eliminating the need for any speaker
The screen itself produces sound.
LG said 88-
Inch 8k OLED screen can produce 3. 2. 2-
Dolby audio channel.
So not only can you see great screens, but you can also see great audio.
Except 88-
Inch panel, the Korean company is also launching two 65-
Inch display at CES 2019.
While the details of the current 8k screen are a mystery, the 4k panel will appear at the \"fastest in the world\" movie response time of 3. 5ms.
The company claims that such a fast response time makes the screen ideal for watching action movies and sports.
Among other screens, LG has launched two screens for car use-a 12. 3-
45% transparent OLED panel and 12. 3-inch P-OLED screen.
The company\'s new 27-
The Inch Neo Art concept is intended for use with desktop displays.
According to the company, mobile devices and PCs can easily connect to the screen using a USB TypeC port.
And a 27-
In the company\'s portfolio, inch screens should also be placed in computer monitors.
This panel uses the company\'s oxide back panel technology with a resolution of 4k and only 0. 11-
Inch thick baffle.
Finally, the LG Display highlighted 13. 3-
Inch display panel for laptop screen.
This panel consumes only 2 power per hour. 8W.
While it may take some time for the 8k screen to appear in commercial products, other new technologies for LG Display may appear in LG and other manufacturers during 2019.
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