cellphones: a boon or bane?

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-04
The number of mobile phone users is increasing.
Users are not aware of the interference they are causing to the people around them.
The best way to ensure peace is through self
Supervision of mobile phone users themselves.
Mobile phones should be avoided in public places such as schools, cinemas, government offices, hospitals and temples. Some norms (
Such as smoking)
It can also be enforced to cope with the indifference shown by mobile phone users.
In some cases, activities and use of Ambady Padmanabhan VayalarUse LCD display scellphone can be annoying.
Advanced technology can reduce the intrusion of mobile phones.
For example, a custom LCD display linked to your phone can be used instead of a ringtone.
When the user is driving the vehicle, the LCD display can reduce the distraction caused by the call.
In terms of paying attention to avoiding interference with the public, it is entirely up to the individual and its etiquette and awareness of civilization.
In India, people are very clear about their status, and they tend to show off themselves.
The law has little effect on them.
Devraj Sambasivan AlappuzhaStatus symbolizes the frenzy of mobile phones and seems to have attracted Keralites to a large extent.
No matter if you are on a shrine, hospital, college, office, workshop or bus or train, you will not be able to escape the beeps of ringtones and text messages.
The craze for modern gadgets stems from the public\'s false perception of \"status.
Many people feel that their status depends on whether they own a mobile phone or not.
It is not necessary for some people to buy a mobile phone.
Instead, it\'s a sense of insecurity because you don\'t have a phone and your neighbors or friends have a phone.
Mobile phone users need to have a good sense of etiquette when using mobile phones to avoid stimulating others.
If vibration mode is turned on, the user will receive a call notification.
This reduces the interference that is often caused by the constant ringing of the phone.
When people around are busy talking over the phone, the phone usually ignores them.
The constant use of slang has angered people.
Young people should be more considerate when using mobile phones. N. K.
Vijayan KizhakkambalamBasic phones are not luxury today.
This is a basic amenities for most people.
Mobile phone benefits a lot.
But their use of mobile phones in temples, churches and mosques should stop because it can cause considerable disruption.
People should not drive when using mobile phones.
They should park their car on the side of the road and answer the phone.
Even passengers on the car should limit the use of the phone, because the phone may distract the driver and cause accidents.
Mobile phones should be banned in hospitals.
It is reported that the light from the mobile phone will affect the heart and kidney.
The user should activate the \"vibration alarm\" mode so that it does not interfere with others, rather than allowing the phone to ring.
Bulletin boards should also be posted where mobile phones are restricted or prohibited. S. N.
Your etiquetmobile phone is a useful gadget that allows people to communicate and keep access at any time.
However, if mobile phone users are indifferent to others, the constant ringing of mobile phone ringtones becomes a problem for those around them.
It can be irritating for users to use their phones recklessly when they speak loudly.
Many people drive with their mobile phones in one hand.
This is a dangerous thing.
Mobile phones are rapidly becoming a threat, and the trouble can be controlled in some ways: turn off the phone in public places.
Driving a vehicle when speaking through a mobile phone should be punished by law.
Mobile phone users should be more self-disciplined.
Jose Thomas is an annoying mobile phone user who is not interested in this collaboration
Passengers talk loudly over the phone while taking the vehicle, causing discomfort to others.
Don\'t we have the right to travel peacefully without being forced to listen to other people\'s conversations?
The ringing tones and music tunes of the phone can be very annoying.
Why do mobile phone users not abide by certain discipline and restrict the use of mobile phones in public places?
I am not against the use of this gadget, but either the user has to be careful not to disturb people or the authorities should limit the reckless use of the phone. Dr. P. D.
Due to the selfishness of mobile phone users, the number of mobile phone users in the state is increasing.
Various service providers are launching attractive plans to increase their customer base and improve their business.
Most people don\'t know the hidden charges during the billing process.
All of the solutions offered by service providers are for their own benefit, not for the benefit of users.
Now the price of mobile phones is much lower than before.
But mobile phones have become a threat in public places.
People in Kerala\'s high culture seem to have forgotten the existence of mobile etiquette.
There is not enough technology to install mobile interference devices in public places.
On the other hand, we can take measures for ourselves.
Prohibited or restricted use in public places.
This can only be done if mobile phone users are no longer selfish.
But if the threat continues to increase, the law can be enforced as it is prohibited from smoking in public places. Joseph George.
Mobile phone users should ensure that the volume of the phone is at a lower level.
They should turn off their mobile phones when they are in the theater or hospital.
The school authorities should ban students from carrying mobile phones.
If drivers are found using their mobile phones while driving, they should be fined and arrested on the spot.
It\'s not enough for us to have the latest gadgets, but we should also know how to use them without upsetting others. Dr. Joseph K.
There is no doubt that a mobile phone is a blessing, but it will only be used if its users follow certain etiquette.
A board of directors should be set up to warn users not to use mobile phones in the most important places such as bookstores, libraries and offices.
Although smoking in public places has been banned, it seems that not many people comply with the law.
It makes no sense to enforce similar laws to limit the use of mobile phones.
I suggest giving mobile users a manual of etiquette that should be followed.
Newspapers and magazines can also publish articles related to mobile etiquette.
I think the phone should only be used when necessary.
Krishna kotagen amallows accessibilityCellphones allow us to be available at any time, wherever we are.
It is no longer considered a state symbol.
Few people do not own mobile phones now.
Even those engaged in illegal activities rely on mobile phones.
In developed countries, mobile phone companies give instructions and guidelines that customers can follow when using mobile phones in public places.
We need to take legal measures to enforce the use of mobile phones.
Mandatory laws should be implemented through government mechanisms.
Handset manufacturers and service providers should also be entrusted to raise awareness of etiquette needs when customers use their phones. K. A.
It is important for mobile phone users to have a little discipline.
Regulations on the use of mobile phones in public places are necessary.
The use of mobile phones without distinction and control can lead to acoustic neuroma and neuroma.
Acoustic neuroma is a health hazard that has not been completely eliminated.
Handset manufacturers should engrave warnings on their phones to make users aware of the dangers that the phone may cause.
If there are no other measures, legal measures should be taken to prevent the use of mobile phones in public places. Dr. V.
The phone is a gospel, but their voice is a curse.
Cell phones should be banned in churches, mosques and temples.
Its use in other public places should also be restricted.
Talking with a mobile phone while driving can lead to an accident.
Even bus and taxi drivers use mobile phones while driving.
Police should be alert to mobile phone users.
Legal measures should be taken to regulate the use of mobile phones in public places. P.
San karayanan enakuran punishes criminals not to drive when talking through their mobile phones, as this can lead to accidents.
Few people pay attention to road safety when they call.
Nowadays, even students bring their mobile phones to schools and universities.
Every time the phone rings, it not only distracts the teacher\'s attention, but also distracts the other students in the class.
Use mobile phones in places of worship to be well controlled.
It is true that mobile phones have many advantages but are abused by unconsiderate users.
The government should take the necessary measures to implement norms to prevent the use of mobile phones in driving and worship places.
Those who violate the law should be punished. Apila G. & Anasa G.
The number of consumers using mobile phones is increasing.
Most mobile phone users are not educated and do not know mobile etiquette.
Now, mobile phones are no longer a symbol of identity, but a public nuisance.
In places like public places and hospitals, it can be very irritating for high-frequency ringtones and users to speak loudly over the phone.
Mobile phone users should pay attention to the interference they bring to others when answering or making calls.
In public places, mobile phone users should turn off the phone and change the ringtone to vibration mode, preferably avoiding the use of harsh ringtones.
Mobile companies can also help educate customers while providing new connections.
The Akbar Ali Hussain VadakkencherryDiminishing valu phone is just one of the latest inventions and needs to be checked for its use to prevent it from becoming a public nuisance.
For many of the small problems that are annoying to the public, the cultural kerners need to teach one or two classes in a polite way.
Spit out from multiple windows
Tall buildings and mobile vehicles are a common habit for most people here.
Smoking in public places is prohibited by law, but any bus stop will tell you a different story.
Wave from any ground to the driver and the bus can stop.
The yellow line on the road is like any neglected traffic signal.
If you are traveling in a closed room, office, meeting or by bus or train, the various ringtones of the latest movie song annoy others.
Mobile phone users rarely answer the phone privately and prefer to make loud noises and provoke others.
The need for time is not more strict rules, but more strict enforcement. H.
As part of ordinary people\'s lives, a feeMobile phone from Pradeep Nair kancheric ollect has been checked in.
You can check the interference caused by the mobile phone by charging at the entrance of the hospital and other places.
The practice of having to place mobile phones at the entrance of temples, hospitals and offices, like weapons, cameras and dangerous items. C. R.
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