arduino and 3.5 inch (320x480) tft lcd (ili9488) spi interface with dht22 temperature / humidity measurement

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-21
Today, the beautiful tft LCD screen is getting cheaper and used in embedded design, which makes it more user friendly.
In this note, the connection 320x480,3 is explained.
5-inch tft LCD with ILI9488 driver and SPI with Arduino interface.
The LCD monitor can be connected to the Arduinos SPI bus.
It requires a minimum number of port pins (4). The DHT22 (AM2302)
It is a high precision temperature sensor module that provides the calibration temperature and humidity connected to the Arduino digital IO pin.
The DHT22 provides temperature in the form of degrees Celsius.
The Arduino program converts the temperature to Fahrenheit, Kelvin, and langken, and sends it through the serial port while displaying it on the tft LCD.
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