apple\'s plan to enter the e-reader market

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-09
E-commerce has developed rapidly.
In the reader\'s world, many people have just realized the power of e-commerce.
Although rumors abound about Apple\'s plans in this area that have not yet been involved.
Apple is about to launch a new product soon, with plenty of activity, both in development and verbally.
What remains to be seen is the form of the expected new product.
This is almost a given electron.
The reader\'s ability will be integrated, but it is unclear whether this will be the main focus of the product.
However, this is highly unlikely, as Apple has not declared a strong desire to enter the e-book reader market in recent months.
However, is this an excuse that will only be determined when a new product is released.
Will it be a tablet with e?
Reader function, or electronic
Readers who can also do other things?
Consensus is the former.
In a media interview on January 2008, founder Steve Jobs said the Amazon Kindle was not heavily used by Americans and Apple intended to enter the market with new e-readers
Book readers that meet their needs.
He recently told the New York Times that Apple is not interested in a phone.
E-reader, so there are plenty of predictions for Apple\'s new products.
While we\'re still waiting, it makes sense for the new tablet that Apple plans to release before Christmas, and more likely it will use the ebook reader as part of multiple readers
Purpose application platform.
It is reported that this will include the iPhone operating system, both in its current and modified form.
However, some cited the main release of 2010, and the details of the hardware will be released before that to allow manufacturers to develop applications, as Apple did with the iPhone in 2007.
The current rumor is that it will have a 9.
While others have mentioned 6 inch tablets, 13 inch color screens using OLED technology are used.
Earlier this year, it was rumored that LG was working on a 10 inch OLED touch device --
The screen of the new Apple tablet.
Kindle DX offers 9.
7 inch gray screen, also reported 9.
6 inch color touch
Taiwan is assembling screens for Apple.
This may or may not be consistent with Apple\'s belief that it will focus on its e-commerce.
The reader feature is priced at $500, but others expect the price to be $800 for more sophisticated electronics
The readability of this book is just one of the many features that the famous OLED products can also provide.
As mentioned earlier, it is said that the Apple screen uses OLED (organic light-emitting diode)
On-screen technology, similar to the technology used on TV, and combined with the new touch software, allows users to easily turn pages and zoom in on pages using two fingers, in addition, it will apply to books and newspapers.
It can be imagined that this technology allows news advertising to contain links, allowing readers to access the advertiser\'s website directly.
There are also rumors that a low
Although the price of downloaded products that have plagued the music industry may also intervene, subscription to fees for getting newspapers and books will be applied.
The hardware price may be too high for a dedicated electronics
It is impossible for Apple not to integrate music and gaming technology into any new product.
Whether this is a fact or a fantasy remains to be seen, but the fact is that competition is not waiting.
There will be some new products in the store this Christmas, and Apple\'s competition will be different from when they start developing.
It is also true that many people are waiting for new products with great expectations.
Will the bubble burst or will it blow away competitors?
Of course, Apple says very little, but the iTunes store has just launched a comic book called chaos, which currently has a song available in the store.
Is this a sign of the future?
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