apple launches iphone xs and iphone xs max.

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Content abstract: Apple announced the launch of new style iphone iphonexsandiphonexsmax. The 5. 8-
The flow of inchiphonexand. 5-
The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max released by Apple first appeared on TahawulTech. com.
Apple announced the launch of its new iphone, the iphone. The 5. 8-
The flow of inchiphonexand. 5-
InchiPhoneXSMax features a super retina display, a faster and more sophisticated dual camera system that offers the first 7-
Nano chips in smartphones-
A12 bionic chip with next
Generate neural engine
It also packs faster Face ID, wider stereo sound, new gold finish, and introduces dual SIM to iPhone.
IPhoneXSandiPhoneXSMax can be previewed
Order from Friday, September 14, and order at the store from Friday, 21st.
\"IPhones are packed with next-
The next generation of technology is a big step forward for smartphones, \"said Philip Schiller, Apple\'s senior vice president of global marketing.
\"Everything, including the industry, is state-of-the-art --first 7-
8-nano A12 bionic chip
Core neural engine, faster Face ID and advanced dual camera system, Portrait mode photos can be taken with smart HDR and dynamic depth of field.
IPhone exsis is not one, but two new iPhone models, andiphone exsmax provides the largest display screen in the history of the iPhone, the battery is the largest in the history of the iPhone, provide up to one and a half hours of battery life during your day. \" Two all-
Screen design iPhoneXSandiPhoneXSMax to full
The IPhone X\'s screen design features the clearest display with the highest pixel density of any Apple device.
Offer 5 now. 8-inch and 6. 5-
Support Dolby Vision and HDR10 with 1-inch size for iOS system, 1 Super Retina display with custom OLED design-
Extensive color management.
IPhone exsandiphone exsmax Offers 1 Millionto-
When a 60% larger dynamic range is displayed in an HDR photo, the contrast is 1.
The iPhone exsmax provides an immersive experience of over 3 million pixels for video, movies and games, providing the iPhone\'s largest ever display, covering an area similar to the iPhone 8 Plus.
A surgical grade stainless steel strap now features a space-attached finish in gold, silver and gray.
Iphonexsandphonexsmax reaches a new level of splash and water resistance of IP68 in 30 minutes, and prevents daily spills such as coffee, tea and soda.
A12 Bionic and Next-
Apple generation nerve engine
The A12 bionic is designed with the first 7-
Nano chips in smartphones.
A12 bionic features six-
Core Fusion architecture with two performance cores with speeds of up to 15% and efficiency of up to 50%
50% faster, powerful apple core GPU-
Image signal processor designed (ISP)
Video Encoder, etc.
The fast storage controller offers up to 512GB of iPhone storage.
All of this unlocks a new experience for games, photography, video editing, and graphics --intensive apps.
Even with all of these features, the charging time provided by iPhones exsoffers is 30 minutes and a half longer than the iPhone X.
From photography to augmented reality, neural engines are built for machine learning. A new eight-
Compared to 5 trillion in A11 Bionic, the core design allows it to perform up to 600 billion operations per second.
This makes ARKit new features like faster plane detection and real-use-
Time Machine learning
The neural engine was first opened to the Core ML, enabling developers to build applications that leverage the machine learning engine.
The Core ML running on the A12 bionic nerve engine is 9 times faster than the A11 Bionic, only 1-
A tenth of energy usage.
\"Ground breaking\" 12MP dual camera features such as advanced depth segmentation using neural engines, smart HDR creation of photos with high dynamic range and excellent image details, advanced bokeh quality in portrait mode photos and user-adjustable dynamic depth of field in photo app are great improvements in statusof-the-
Art photography techniques that everyone can use. The 12-
The megapixel dual camera system features dual optical image stabilization with dual optical zoom, while the new sensor is twice as fast as dual optical zoom.
Smart HDR creates photos with more light and shadow details.
Advanced depth segmentation in portrait mode enables more complex portraits with expertise-level bokeh.
The new depth control allows users to adjust the depth of field in the photo app in real time
Time Preview 3 and post-
Capture to create a portrait with a beautiful background blur.
Portrait mode with depth control is also available on the TrueDepth camera for selfie, including Memoji and faster face tracking support
Party ARKit app.
Now, the advanced technology of Face ID is faster.
TrueDepth camera system with high precision depth
Sensing technology beyond capability and security-
The size facial scanner makes it easy for users to unlock the iPhone, use Apple Pay, access security apps, and more.
IPhone exsandiphone exsmax adopts Gigabit
Speed s4 and Dual sim5 can be downloaded faster by using nano-LTE
SIM and digital eSIM.
Equipped with the world\'s most advanced mobile operating system iOS 12.
IOS 12 introduces a new AR experience that helps people rediscover and share photos and makes communication more expressive and fun with the new Animoji and Memoji.
Screen time can help customers understand and control the time they interact with iOS devices, siri shortcuts enable any application to use Siri, and new privacy features help prevent users from being tracked on the network.
Pricing and Availability The capacity of iphonexonexsmax at 64 GB, 256 GB and 512GB in space Ash, Silver, New Gold finish start AED4, 229and AED4, 649 from Apple, respectively.
Com, in the Apple Store app and in the Apple store, can also be obtained via an Apple authorized reseller and a specific carrier (Prices may vary).
UAE customers will be able to advance
Orderiphonexsandphonexsmax starts on Friday in more than 30 countries and regions including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany guernsey, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, italy, Japan, Jersey, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the US Virgin Islands.
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