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Any engineers can help install capacitive touch screen manufacturers ?

You can ask for the help of our professional engineers to install capacitive touch screen . Each of our engineer is professional in installing the product who can solve your worries during the installation. We have relative videos of engineers installing prepared to let you have a clearer understanding about this process.

Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited is a leading marketer of embedded lcd in China. We are an enterprise highly praised by peer competitors in this field. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of tft panel and other product series. The product is safe and hygienic to use. During the quality inspection, it has been tested to comply with the strictest standards and hygienic criteria. The way its modules are illuminated can be reflective, transmissive, or transflective. Free customized design solution is one of Shenzhen LCD Mall’s advantages.

We have a strong commitment to sustainability. We enhance our environmental management system by constantly determining, realizing and revising environmental goals.

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