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Any discount for large order capacitive display ?

By purchasing multiple quantities of capacitive display , customers may receive a better price than what is shown on the website. If the price of a bulk purchase or wholesale purchase is not listed on the website, please contact the Customer Service for a simple discount request.

Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited is a reliable partner for display oled. We have many years of experience in product production and overseas marketing. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of oled display and other product series. By virtue of monochrome display, monochrome lcd is often sold out in many areas. It is weather resistant and is able to stay clear for prolonged periods in a harsh environment. capacitive touch screen has successfully passed the ISO9000:2000 quality management system certification. It can be equipped with a resistive (RTP) or capacitive (CTP) touch panel.

We are going to work hard with our clients to promote responsible environmental practices and continuous improvement. We strive to mitigate our production impacts on the environment.

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