united states : cypress raises the bar for automotive touchscreen performance with new truetouch capacitive touch-sensing solution for large-screen hmi systems.

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-22
Cypress Semiconductor
A new series of automotive capacitive touch screen controllers has been launched today to achieve a screen size of up to 15-
Industrial inch
Leading performance in harsh automotive environments.
The new car truetocha CYAT8168X controller uses Cypress\'s proprietary automatic armor technology to have a strong anti-disturbance capability for strong electrical interference (EMI)
Emissions found in cars, buses and trucks.
Even with water droplets, condensate or sweat on the touch screen, the controller provides the perfect user experience.
In addition, the controller also provides industry-
The leading glove finger tracking allows the driver to operate the touch screen without taking off his gloves.
Cypress AutoArmor meets the most challenging emc for automakers (EMC)
Requirements for chips
Emission level (IEC 61967), conducted (IEC 62132)and radiated (ISO 11452)
Immunity, and the system-level (CISPR 25)specifications.
AutoArmor uses automatic frequency hopping to prevent false touch caused by EMI in other electronic systems and uses TX frequency expansion to reduce the amount of EM radiation up to 30%.
In addition to automatic armor, the car TrueTouch CYAT8168X controller also includes up to 88 I/o, providing host processor interfaces via I2C or SPI, which helps to improve the touch screen responsiveness.
With the addition of our automotive TrueTouch CYAT8168X touch screen controller series, Cypress now offers our customers the most powerful solution for harsh automotive environments, Dr. Cypress said
Jingmu, the Cypress of the marketing of advanced automotive man-machine interface.
Our new automotive touch screen controller features powerful EMI immunity, water resistance and finger tracking with gloves, demonstrating Cypress\'s commitment to expanding our automotive products by supporting solutions worldwide
Class performance and functionality in Next
Replace the car.
The car TrueTouch CYAT8168X controller series offers the best-in-
The grade accuracy and linearity of fingers of different sizes and gloves of various materials and thickness (including ski gloves), as well as automatic switching between gloves and finger tracking, without the need for drivers to switch settings.
Cypress has a unique patented DualSense technology that enables self-realization
Capacitance and mutual
Capacitor measurement on the same device, the series offers the best water rejection and wet finger tracking in the industry for real-time seamless performance
World conditions, including the presence of water droplets, condensate, or sweat.
The controller is based on 32-
CortexA M-bit ARMA
Core processors known for their high performance
Efficiency of/MW.
The unique features of the TrueTouch portfolio are supported by the industry --
Leading product portfolio with over 100 patents for capacitive touch sensing.
The car TrueTouch CYAT8168X controller for availability and photos is currently sampled and conforms to the AEC-
Q100 full car-
Qualified products are expected in first quarter of 2016.
Controller available in car-friendly 128-pin and 100-
Pin TQFP package.
Cypress s TrueTouch technology provides the best noise resistance in the industry, the highest signal-to-noise ratio, the best waterproof performance, the fastest refresh rate, the lowest power consumption and the best accuracy in the world
Flexible TrueTouch solutions enable customers to grow ahead quickly
No need to buy an edge solution for the turnkey module.
They can choose to use the touch sensor (glass or film)
And liquid crystal displays from preferred partners can develop innovative mechanical designs of surfaces from plane to different thicknesses.
The patented capacitive sensing technology of TrueTouch equipment provides a powerful noise-resistant capability to operate perfectly in noisy RF and LCD environments. [c]
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