samsung t749 highlight - stunning 3g touchscreen phone

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-27
Samsung has designed the most attractive and user-friendly mobile phone in the mobile market.
It offers an amazing look and latest features on their phone.
This phone is very popular because it comes with a touch screen display that gives users an excellent interface.
Samsung t7 49 Highlight is one of the most gorgeous phones produced by the mobile giant.
It has all the useful and attractive features packed in an amazing housing.
Fire and ice are its two colors, both enhancing the appeal and elegance of the highlights.
Other features also add value to the phone.
The phone features a fine case of 108x54x13. 7 mm.
Its unique design is very inflammatory and attractive.
The front is mostly covered with a sharp touch screen display and three quick access buttons at the bottom.
The TFT touch screen display is 3.
The size is 0 inch and the resolution is 240x400 pixels.
It is capable of displaying up to 16 million colors and comes with an accelerometer sensor that allows automatic rotation.
The accelerometer sensor makes this phone compatible with many of the latest games and other apps.
60mb of memory also enhances the gaming experience.
So good memory can make high-
Mobile app.
The card slot enables users to extend storage to 16 gb, which is enough to load many movies and a lot of songs.
The phone book stores up to 2000 entries.
This gorgeous phone contains all the technology you need for a smooth, uninterrupted internet connection.
3g hsdpa and HSCSD compatibility make browsing interesting.
GPRS and EDGE also enhance the entire web experience.
Bluetooth and USB build a local network that facilitates the transfer of information and multiplayer.
Bluetooth is a wireless network when the USB provides a wired connection.
The highlight of Samsung t7 49 is 3.
15 MP camera with a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels.
The camera takes high-definition pictures and provides a wonderful photography experience.
It can also record videos.
The mobile phone is embedded in the standard Li-
Ion battery with excellent backup.
The battery provides 450 hours of standby backup and 6 hours of 30 minutes of call when fully charged-time backup.
The phone supports SMS, MMS, email and instant messaging.
It has an HTML browser that allows fast browsing.
MP3 players, MP4 players, and organizers are other useful and user-friendly features included in the phone.
This amazing phone supports 2g gsm 850/900/1800/1900 and 3g hsdpa 1700/2100 network.
The most unusual side of the Samsung t7 49 highlight is its light weight.
The entire phone with a battery weighs only 105 grams, which is incredible for a lot of features in the phone.
The stylish design makes it very convenient to carry.
This phone provides a lot of sound.
Users can download multi-tone, MP3 and WAV ringtones. Speaker-
The phone is also built into the phone.
It allows to keep hands-free while speaking on the phone.
The experience with Samsung t7 49 Highlight is very unique and smooth.
The user-friendly interface adds value to useful features embedded in the phone.
The two colors of fire and ice are unique and are not common in many mobile phones.
Both provide the perfect end of the call.
It is a mobile device that meets the needs of people in each age group.
Children like to use this gorgeous phone as adults.
Samsung t7 49 Highlight provides the perfect mobile experience for users.
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