my fat, ugly, uncoordinated fingers - touch screens create challenges for the user experience

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-24
Recently, the ceo of Samsung and LG told the audience at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that their company will only sell touch screen phones after 2012.
Mobile phone host factory ranked second and third [
In terms of volume]
Believe that touch screen phones will be cheaper to make [
The price of the key pad and dome sheet is about $1-2, they wear-
They produced 20% RMAs.
In the near future
However, I think we all agree that the black or white whole with the virtual \"button\" is not the best user experience on the phone.
There are two main types of touch screens: the resistive touch screen and the capacitive touch screen.
Both have advantages and disadvantages. [From Wikipedia]
\"The resistor touch screen panel consists of several layers.
The most important thing is the two thin metal conductive layers and resistance layers separated by thin space.
When some objects come into contact with this touch screen, the layer is connected at a certain point;
The electrical behavior of the panel is then similar to two voltage divider with connected output.
This will cause a change in the current registered as a touch event and sent to the controller for processing.
The resistive touch screen panel is usually the most affordable technology, but the clarity is only 75% (
High quality film and glass finish make the transmittance close to 85%)
The layer may be permanently damaged by sharp/hard objects [ed.
Like the key in your pocket. .
The resistive touch screen panel, which is not affected by external elements such as dust or water, is the most commonly used type today.
\"In most resistive touch screens, when good is achieved --
The user experience is sufficient.
When the resistance touch screen is average [or below]
, UX is difficult 【
The screen needs more or less pressure than intuition].
The capacitive touch screen panel is coated with material, which is usually oxidized indium Tin [ITO]
, Conducting continuous current on the sensor.
Therefore, the sensor shows the precise control field for storing electrons on the horizontal and vertical axes-
Realize the capacitor.
The human body is also an electronic device that stores electrons and therefore has capacitors.
The capacitive sensor works based on proximity and can be triggered without direct touch.
This is a durable technology that includes point-of-
Sales systems, industrial controls and public kiosks.
It has a higher definition than resistance technology, but it only responds to finger contact and does not work with a hand or stylus wearing gloves.
Multi-touch can also be supported. \" [
Also from Wikipedia
The capacitive touch screen is relatively more expensive and difficult to use in wet and rainy environments. And in my not-so-
Humble opinion, false amount-
For UX, it is very challenging to have a positive response on the capacitive screen.
Therefore, both popular touch screens pose a challenge to the user experience.
However, adding tactile or tactile feedback to the touch screen can greatly improve the overall UX.
University of Glasgow, Scotland
Brewster, Joe Han and Brown 2007]
Users are advised to reduce errors (20%)
Increase the input speed (20%)
Reduce their cognitive load (40%)
When the touch screen is combined with touch ,[vs. non-
Touch screen.
The same group is currently working on a combination of visual, auditory and tactile feedback and the arrangement in it.
Results are expected later this year.
LG and Samsung used touch when deploying touch screen phones and delivered more than 30m of this device in 2008.
Nokia authorized and deployed [
And will continue to deploy]haptics.
Atm/kiosks, PNDs, PMPs, cars, games and other devices all have the opportunity to deploy the touch to improve the overall user experience.
What other devices do the touch have to benefit from?
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