MAKE MONEY WRITING GREETING CARDS FROM HOME: Ideas, Markets & Submission Guidelines

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-10
Like writing, how about the greeting card market?It is a great joy!Rewards don\'t take a lot of time.Other types of free career opportunities.It doesn\'t take a few hours to study a topic.Optimize) or find the perfect keywords.and memorable.What\'s next?..mission.Shops, museums, flower shops, pet shops, etc.
...Watch a variety.
Different publishersWhat is your style?Think about which sound is best for you?yourstyle?Good at writing inspirational messages?Are you good at writing love and happiness?Do you have an ironic side?Do you like to make people laugh?with a twist?One liners?Cards like sympathy?Cards specially for birthday or holiday occasions?Magnets, bumper stickers and other items.Learn about the things you are most interested in and take notes.!Creativity is everywhere!Greeting cards are a way of communication.
Listen to both verbal and non-verbalThe communication around youThere is an idea when you go for a walk nearby.The magazine office.Will there be ideas when you are with someone you love?Into an idea?Did you praise others today?card.Brainstorm!Let your mind wander.Write down your ideas!As with any writing market, each market has a specific set of guidelines.
.Keep in mind that there are hundreds of ways for writers in the greeting card industry.Each company I choose to list includes a link to their specific guidelines.If information about payment is available, this information is listed below.
I also include whether the company accepts email and/or submit online.Following the company\'s guidelines carefully will increase your chances of success.The world pays $300 per poem, and the exclusive right pays $50.
Time use in the book.
Submit guidelines.
Accept email submission.
The exclusive right to pay $50 per idea.
Publish adult humor (outrageous and sexual ).Submit guidelines.Accept email submission.Production of greeting cards, gift bags, etc.Submit guidelines.No online submission.EPHEMERA-Inc.The exclusive right to pay $50 per slogan.
Manufacturers of novelty buttons, magnets, bumper stickers, etc.Submit guidelines.Submit online is accepted.J.Q.Producer of outdoor related cards.Submit guidelines.Accept email submission.Pays $75-Exclusive rights of $150.Manufacturers of wholesale novelty products are mainly distributed in the Spencer gift shop.Submit guidelines.Submit online is accepted.Pay $25Exclusive right.Submit guidelines.Submit online is accepted.The manufacturer of greeting cards and notes.
Submit guidelines.
No online submission.
.I will not accept one without another.
Submit guidelines.
No online submission.
If they want to buy a special cardIt must be brought to their attention immediately.Did You Know?Dating back more than 500 years, it can be traced back to the early Egyptians who used papyrus scrolls to convey greetings, as well as to the ancient Chinese who celebrated the new year with a message of goodwill.What still exists today is a Valentine\'s Day card from the 14 th century.
.Together with Europeans in the 14 th century.Of course, all greeting cards are handwritten.Delivered at that time.With the invention of stamps, greeting cards became popular.
A greeting card can be delivered in a penny.In addition, the Enhanced printing method is coming soon..Known as the father of American Christmas cards.
In 1875, he opened a print shop for $250 and published the first line in the United States.S.Christmas cards.Very valuable collection.Founded in 1906, it is the largest greeting card producer in the United States.!Don\'t give up if your idea is rejected.Don\'t treat it as personal, as there are many reasons why submissions may be rejected.
Of course, rejection does not make people feel good.But it\'s part of writing.Best wishes!Interested in writing for hub pages?Start now!Want to follow Sharyn\'s point on hub pages?.Next to the profile picture
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