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Is there instruction manual for capacitive tft touch screen ?

Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited has complete and specific instruction manuals for the products especially made for customers. As a professional company specialized in producing tft touch screen , we have comprehensive specification prepared to help you operate and install our products more easily. We have been attaching great importance to high precision of each part and has employed experienced engineers to design products, which will simplify operation process.

Shenzhen LCD Mall has many years of experience in R&D and production of display oled. We are a reputable company in the domestic market. Shenzhen LCD Mall is mainly engaged in the business of monochrome lcd and other product series. The product features user-friendliness. Every detail of this product is designed aiming to offer maximum support and convenience. Its surface is smooth and feels comfortable. Shenzhen LCD Mall provides high-qualified lcd panel products, competitive price and excellent service to all our customers. It is easy to wipe off dirt, fingerprints, oil stains, etc. on it.

We have forced sustainability practices into every aspect of our business. For example, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize production waste.

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