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Is there free TFT panel sample provided?

It depends on how many samples of TFT panel you require and whether we have some in stock. If we have some in stock, we can offer one or two samples for free. And if we are out of stock or your required sample needs to be customized, we are afraid that we can not offer the sample free of charge. But the sample fee can be refunded once you place the order. Welcome to contact us!

As an innovative company, Shenzhen LCD Mall Limited consistently supplies clients with the finest oled display. embedded display produced by Shenzhen LCD Mall is very popular in the market. The LED bead of Shenzhen LCD Mall tft lcd uses the high-performance substrate materials such as silicon that has better heat dissipation performance, which ensures this LED lighting can work for a long time. Reducing the reflection of light, it supports out-door applications such as the advertising screen, ATM cash machine, POS cash register, etc. The product is colorfast and will not fade even after multiple times of washings, although it will soften. Its optical bonding improves the contrast ratio by reducing the amount of reflected light, thus improving viewability.

With abundant product line, services and experience, Shenzhen LCD Mall will give you the most unexpected trading experience you’ve ever had. Inquire online!

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