iphone clone ciphone c6 running a windows mobile system

by:LCD Mall     2020-07-30
Brief introduction: Now, everyone is looking forward to providing more features and a great wireless experience with these amazing touch screen phones.
In the case of a CIPHONE c1 phone, we have a more elegant but useful phone with all the features you need.
This impressive phone has GPS and WIFI and you can have fun from a lot of new toys for just £ 213. 00 USD.
Now let\'s evaluate more. Good depth.
The phone is triggering a revolution in Asia, Europe and the United States.
Can you get the new CIPHONE 6?
Discover new phones outside of China-the world\'s leading maker of such smartphones.
However, the CIPHONE C5 integrates many of the features of its predecessor, the CIPHONE C5, which has a screen 3. 5 \".
CIPHONE C5 as C5 has built-in wireless
Integrated GPS in Bluetooth.
Like C5, C5 has only two languages: Chinese or English.
However, our engineers have developed a package of French software to make your CIPHONE in French.
With this package, you will have the software you need most in the graphical interface of French and French.
This package can be downloaded for free on our forum.
But our technicians can install according to your order requirements.
An amazing innovation has just appeared in the CIPHONE 6, which is G-sensor.
You saw a similar G-sensor?
This is just a small option to rotate the display by tilting the screen.
Like C5, C5 is based on Windows Mobile, which allows many programs to be installed and their Mobile devices can be customized.
The resolution has been greatly improved and high resolution display is now supported.
Now you can look at all the features of the CIPHONE 6 in detail :-Wi-Fi -
Use advanced Wi-check your email, internet or Internet accessFi technology. -
Integrated GPS-
Don\'t miss the exact GPS system built in. -Bluetooth -
High wireless-speed-Touch screen -
Easy to use, sensitive touch screen function, smooth navigation. -PC HD camera -
Best picture quality available on similar products
The IPhone is connected to your PC to easily upload/download photos. -Java enabled -
Get more cool apps on your phone using Java technology. -FM radio -
Wherever you are, choose your favorite FM radio station. -
IPhone style menu
Polished and familiar touch screen menus have everything you need. -
Windows Mobile 6. 0 -
Compact operating system designed for mobile phones.
Looks and feels like Windows on your desktop! -Software -
Support MSN, Excel, Skype and other software. -Smartphone -
Mobilize every part of your life!
Smartphones have all the apps you need to organize your gaming business and leisure needs-
PPC embedded games, can download thousands of PPC 3D games, Java 3D, game simulator Download FM stations anywhere.
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