google\'s reported plans to invest in lg display show how big it\'s thinking with the pixel

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-29
When Alphabet/Google (GOOGL -Get Report)
Skeptics who first launched Pixel and Pixel XL phones in last October believe the move has not changed Google\'s traditional mobile strategy. It cooperates with Huawei and LG to provide mobile phones (
Under the Nexus brand)
Run \"stock\" Android but not sold through the carrier.
In the eyes of skeptics, the phone is still just a small episode for Google, which aims to show Google\'s vision for Android hardware, rather than any serious attempt to compete with Apple (AAPL -Get Report)or Samsung (SSNLF).
But Google\'s massive spending on advertising Pixel shows that it is taking the business seriously, as is the resale deal with Verizon (VZ -Get Report)
As well as some international operators and their willingness to temporarily make Google\'s Assistant service Pixel\'s exclusive service.
A new report provides another indication that Google is keen to increase Pixel sales, and perhaps that companies are planning to offer models for the year through more carriers.
According to South Korea\'s Electronic Times, Google has offered to invest KRW 1 trillion. $880 million)in LG Display (LPL -Get Report)
To help the latter create a production line for flexible OLED panels that will be used for the second-
Pixel mobile phone
LG is said to be \"carefully considering\" the proposal.
LG Display provides OLED for smart watches such as Apple watches and oled TV sets, but the company is not a famous supplier of OLED mobile phone panels.
Indeed, Samsung--
Key players in the OLED panel market-
G6 and V20 high on its phone, LG-
LCD panel for terminal phones.
Google may be prompted to adopt flexible oled: 5. 8-inch and 6. 2-
Samsung\'s new Galaxy S8 and S8 inch curved OLED display-
Plus a phone call.
In addition, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 8 with 5. 8-
Inch curved OLED display reportedly ordered 70 million OLED panels from Samsung in September to meet its 2017 demand. The first-
Both Generation and Pixel XL use rigid OLED panels.
Obviously, Apple\'s huge demand for flexible OLED, coupled with Samsung\'s internal demand, may prompt Google to get supplies from third parties.
Google is also likely to be wary of relying on Samsung, as high customer loyalty for iPhone and Android suggests that Samsung is arguably the biggest competitor in pixels, not Apple.
Like many other American countries. S.
Google, the tech giant, has a lot of offshore cash. -
At least before the overseas tax holiday-
It is looking for good use. Of the $86.
By the end of 2016, Alphabet had $3 billion in cash and $52 billion parked overseas.
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Another possibility for the LG alliance is that Google can work with the company to bring devices with flexible or foldable oled to the market.
Like Samsung, LG is also working on experimental OLED panels that can be rolled up or folded.
Samsung has reportedly planned to launch a low-cost mobile phone.
The volume of folding phones this year, but trying to temper close-
Semester expectations.
Apple is reportedly exploring the use of flexible oled in future iPads last year, which will create \"revolutionary\" changes in tablet design and user interface.
Alphabet itself does not sell mobile phones.
But the company did report its \"Google other\" revenue, which covers all non-
Ad revenue streams outside the Alphabet \"other bets\" category grew 62% per year to $3 in the fourth quarter. 4 billion.
Pixel sales are seen as the biggest factor behind this growth, with growth in Google Play and cloud services being secondary.
Neil Doshi, an analyst at Mizuho, estimates that Google\'s sales are 1 million-1.
5 million Pixel phones in the fourth quarter-
It\'s not a bad start, maybe good for $0. 7 billion to $1 billion in revenue, but still a fraction of $78.
Apple sold 3 million iPhones this quarter.
According to reports, LG\'s investment scale shows that Google hopes to sell more Pixel phones this fall.
From the current level of moderation, there must be a lot of room for growth in pixel distribution this year.
Currently, these phones are only available in the United States. S. , the U. K.
In Germany, Canada and Australia, Google usually works with only one operator in each country.
Launching mobile phones in other markets, and through multiple operators in each country, may greatly boost sales.
Avoid supply problems that first destroy
Sales of Pixel will not be affected.
It\'s still unrealistic to expect Google\'s high returns.
Soon, sales of Apple and Samsung will come to an end.
Apple and Samsung\'s brand influence, distribution scope, marketing budget, and hardware R & D investments make it difficult to take a share of anything other than the incremental approach, even a fiasco like Samsung\'s Galaxy Note 7 helped.
Of course, Apple relies on a unique ecosystem of software and services to keep its users loyal.
But what Google seems to be thinking.
Confident to maintain the loyalty of Android OEMs, even if it competes directly with them due to the dominance of the operating system, it does not see any reason why it cannot eat its cake or eat it, A big chunk of health from a lucrative high price --
End the Android phone market while taking a broader profit from Google\'s good integration
Monetization service for Android version.
Pixel, released last year, may just be an opening.
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