chinese firm boe is building advanced oled displays in a bid to oust rival samsung as the only supplier of apple iphone x screens

by:LCD Mall     2020-08-09
Chinese manufacturer BOE Technology Group is developing advanced organic lightLEDs (OLED)
The display it hopes will be used at the top of Apple
Smartphone series.
Headquartered in Sichuan province, the company is the world\'s largest producer of large LCD monitors.
BoE currently offers LCD monitors for Apple\'s iPad and MacBook range.
Apple\'s top product uses OLED technology
The first iPhone X starting at 999 ($999)
Provided by Samsung, a smartphone competitor.
There are rumors that Apple will remove all LCD displays from the iPhone series by refreshing the line
This September.
BoE wants to produce its own OLED display by 2020 to challenge competitors in South Korea and Japan.
Popular screen technology.
Videobor Technology Group is currently the only Chinese display company that provides screens for Apple
According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, it is the world\'s most profitable company.
On the LED display, each light
LEDs provide their own light sources.
When not needed, pixels do not produce any light at all-produce deeper black and better contrast than other types of displays. LCDsuse cold-
The cathode fluorescent lamp behind the pixel lights up the entire screen.
Therefore, there is never a complete lack of light, resulting in a lower contrast than the led. Organic (OLED)
Set up to glow using carbon-based material layers.
For Apple, working with the Bank of England, which has the largest shareholder as a state-owned enterprise
Affiliates offer an alternative to rival Samsung, which is currently the supplier of its OLED technology.
According to BoE, the local government has contributed most of the initial investment in four of the five factories that the company has built or is building.
This year, Apple put boe on its list of 200 top suppliers, sparking speculation that BoE might supply the company with oled from 2020.
David Hsieh, senior director of Display Research at data analytics firm IHS Markit, said many years ago, people said no, the Chinese can\'t do it.
But I think the Bank of England is a good example.
In 2011, the Bank of England approached Apple for the first time, hoping to provide a screen for Apple.
Since 2015, the Beijing-based company has provided screens for the MacBook and began providing displays for the iPad in the second year.
On May 2018, it was rumored that Apple plans to use OLED screens on all upcoming iPhone models and is expected to launch in September.
The technology was adopted by all three upcoming iPhones, a decision that led to a sharp drop in share prices in Japan.
One of the main suppliers of IPhone LCD monitors in Japan (LCD)
Behind South Korean competitors in OLED production.
By contrast, shares of LG Display soared. Cash-
Japan\'s plan to start large-scale display
Production of OLED panels for smartphones starting next year is currently looking for new investors who can fund investment in launching production lines.
The Japanese government will continue to provide a lifeline for Japanese displays, but the company is too slow to catch up with South Korean competitors in the OLED sector, Mr. Okura said. Chief market analyst at Japanese securities
It was founded in 2012 and a state-led deal combines Hitachi, Toshiba and Sony\'s display business.
Japan supports Innovation Network (INCJ).
Shares of LG Display rose 5 percentage points.
If Apple uses OLED for all models next year, it could boost the market share of LG displays as Apple may want to diversify its OLED supply sources, Lee Won said.
Sik, analyst at Shinyoung Securities in Seoul.
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